Friday, 14 February 2020

Icarus' Sister...

I've really got the painting bug again and it's been so lovely to be back in the studio again.
As soon as I'd finished my last painting I was on with this one.

The beginning always takes a long time as I've no idea what I'm going to paint, I really love working that way.
I've also really enjoyed making little instagram stories as I'm painting, it's such a useful way to see how the painting has progressed and I love reading the comments as I'm painting.

These are the 'zombie' stages where she looks a bit scary!
It's useful to work on a dark background as you can build up a wide range of tonal values just by wiping into the acrylic paint.

Once the eyes are painted in you can start and see the character forming.

I used masking tape to create neat edges for the background shapes.
Balancing the composition as a whole is the part I really enjoy, it's a bit like playing chess (if I knew how to play chess that is)!

I'm quite pleased with the pastel palette and the dark greys...
now onto the next painting!

Have a fab weekend chucks X

Saturday, 8 February 2020

I Think I've Finished...

I (think) I've finished the painting, 
I've really enjoyed this as I've had quite a long break from painting and I've been itching to get back to my trusty easel.

My little studio buddy kept an eye on things and is always there to tell me when a tea break is needed!

There is nothing better than peeling off the masking tape and revealing a clean edge!

Balancing the composition always takes longer than I'd planned, but it's good fun (and infuriating sometimes!)

Icarus And The Moon

'What if Icarus was a woman
the sun was the moon?'

Acrylic and mixed media

I challenged myself to make regular Instagram stories to show the progress of this painting ( I also waffled on about things like Midsomer Murders and cheese toasties!!!)
If you'd like to see the painting as it progressed in the studio, you can find it on my Instagram page in the Painting 1 and 2 Highlights folder.

(Please excuse my Northern accent!)

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Could it be Icarus?

A few days ago I started a painting, and quite a large one at that.
I haven't been able to paint for a few months now and I was itching to start.
As usual I didn't have a plan as to what I was going to paint, but this time I recorded little stories on my Instagram account as I painted, and so I thought I'd put the screen shots on here so you can see the sequence of events.
I sometimes begin to photograph or film when I paint but after a few minutes I get caught up in my little bubble and all the steps in between aren't recorded, but this time it felt like I was just chatting to a friend as I worked and I really enjoyed myself.

I wiped on the acrylic paint with a rag and then dripped water onto it, wiping again with the rag.

A figure appeared quite quickly...

The idea of an 'Icarus' girl began to unfold when her hair became dishevelled and she started to look a little bit annoyed!

This is the bit I love, even though it's nerve-wracking!
'Cutting in' around the face really makes it stand out but it can go very wrong if the colour isn't right!

I worked a bit more on the flesh tones, added feathers in her hair and burnt wings, a transparent pink glaze warmed up the skin a little.

I wiped on transparent pink acrylic over the right hand corner with a rag and then softened the glazed area with one of my favourite large bristle brushes.

I'm hoping to finish her next week, sorry to leave you in mid air!

I've saved all the stories on my Instagram (you can find it in my 'painting highlights) if you'd like to hear me waffle on about painting, my broken boiler and garlic bread!!!!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Looking Towards The Future...

I was scrolling through photographs of past work and this one struck a chord.

You see, this determined hare doesn't listen to what a hare can and can't do.
Her eyes are set on the horizon and she knows where she's going.

This is how I want to be this year.

I think that 2020 is going to be full of possibilities for us all.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Letter To A Spider...

Dear Mrs Spider,
I've noticed that you have taken residence in my hallway window.
I am normally not a fan of spiders in general,
 but I have been watching you at work.

You never stop.
You seem so purposeful and focused.
And even though I am itching to dust the window ledge,
I just can't do it.

You are building a silky palace all of your own.
You will be the Queen.

And I will watch.

Monday, 23 December 2019

Crtl/Shift: 62 Group Exhibition At The 2021 Visual Arts Centre:

Last week I visited an amazing exhibition at The 2021 Visual Arts Centre, it was truly inspiring to see first hand the textile art by members of the 62 Group in partnership with Liz Cooper.

I found this to be so interesting because I am literally split in half when it comes to the issue of 'am I a fine artist or a textile artist'?

From Grimsby To Greenpoint & Beyond.
Linen and recycled fabric, cotton thread, acrylic paint.

Sue Stone's work is so detailed and intricate, I can't even imagine the time it must take to hand stitch her artwork.
I love Sue's ability to communicate her highly personal sense of narrative.

Linen, porcelain, cotton thread.

This piece by Caroline Bartlett has such presence and power.

Look how beautifully the entrance has been curated...

City Skins.
Newspaper, synthetic organza, silk floss, plexiglass tubes.

Eszter Bornemisza's exhibit is simply stunning and the surface is so interesting.
This makes me want to get into my studio and play!

Earthernware clay, rope.

Imogen Aust's work really pushes the boundaries of what we might expect of textile art.
I think that textiles comes with so much historical baggage attached to it, yet it is one of the most versatile specialisms.

Portrait of A Shoe Maker.
Silk organza on linen.

I am such a fan of Emily Jo Gibbs.
Just beautiful...

The Sampling Project.
Various fibres.

There are just so many of my textile heroes in the exhibition, Hannah Lamb's work just took my breath away...

Dye, pigment, resist, flock on linen cotton.

Dawn Dupree's work calls to the painter half of me!
Love the mark-making so much!

Room For Improvement.
Doll's house beds, cotton, silk threads.

Garfen's work really made you stand and pause, firstly because of the sheer number of beds and the tiny words stitched onto the sheets, and secondly because of the powerful way she communicates her message about the issue of eating disorders and the desperate need for more NHS beds for the treatment of such a widespread problem.

Hair, thread, foundation powder mesh.

In this series of work Lucy Brown explores the subject of female facial/ body hair.
I love how such unexpected materials have been used to create this series of work which really challenges our possible views on what 'textiles' is.

Triple Reaction: Assemblages.
Recycled mixed media scraps, threads, wire.

Ann Goddard's work, alongside Shuna Rendel's, really seemed to celebrate the use of recycled and possibly 'overlooked' materials.
Seeing beauty in the discarded and abandoned, and exploring how materials work together, is just so inspiring (I apologise for the over-use of that word in this blog post but I cant help it!)

Shuna Rendel.
Triple Reaction: Brushstrokes.
Seed pods, grape stems, chair cane, waxed linen, wire.

Sian Martin.
Rolling Out A Carpet For Hope.
Dyed cane, wire, silk scrim, acrylic sheets.

The exhibition continues onto Scunthorpe Central library where there is a really interesting mix of work, including Sian Martin, with its strong links to the environment, and with work such as 'Fly Stitch Autumn Landscape' by Isobel Currie, also linked strongly to the natural landscape, but treated in a very different way.

And then I got to meet Clive...

Clive is part of the 'Squishys' series by Daisy Collingridge, and he is truly spectacular.
'Clive' is a wearable piece of art and it was fascinating to see how he had been constructed.

I haven't been able to include all of the artists' work and I could happily blog on for hours about this exhibition.
I cannot recommend this highly enough and there is a beautiful and insightful catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

The 62 Group Of Textile Artists
2021 Visual Arts Centre
14/12/19 - 29/2/20