Thursday, 27 April 2017

La Rosa (Part One):


I have heard great things about the wonderful La Rosa in Whitby:

hotel, camp site, tea room and a place for the magic and the bizarre.

Mini Goth was dressed perfectly for a visit to their tea room.

Just walking up to the reception I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed!

So we spent a few minutes perusing the menu before I started leaping around the place in a rather excited manner!

There was one other guest here, she seemed very interesting but she didn't say much!

Family selfie opportunity!

Can you imagine just how happy I was here!

All the staff were so lovely and accommodating, I was even introduced to Forbes!

There were lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' I can tell you!

Hubby was left alone for quite a while...

Middie was also made very welcome!

These were the children who originally lived here when it was a boarding house.

As we were waiting for our drinks, Mini Goth and I were asked if we'd like a little tour of the hotel......


Part Two to follow!


Monday, 24 April 2017

Whitby Goth Weekend...

I hope that you had a lovely Easter break.

We had a fab holiday in Whitby, lots of fresh air, gamboling lambs and fish and chips.

One day I will have my palm read...I always chicken out though!

I love the signs on shops like these...

I managed to do a spot of shopping in the gorgeous vintage shops.

And I spotted my favourite giant ice cream signs!

Last Friday was the first day of the Whitby Goth Weekend, Mini Goth was a tad excited!

We had spent quite a few weeks planning the outfit...

Everyone is so friendly and I love seeing their costumes.

Mini Goth was even photographed by the Whitby Gazette!

I loved watching the photographers...

Middie had a costume too, of course!

We finally made it up to the Abbey, where there were more finely dressed Goths to be found.

(Sorry, I can't help but be a very proud Mum!)

Sending you lots of spooky wishes from Whitby X