Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Passing Storm...

I hope that you are all safe and well during this very strange time.
I've had to temporarily shut my little online shop for now but I'll let you know when I open my doors again.
Thank you so much for your support and custom.

Wishing you all the best, 
it will pass by chucks...


Sunday, 15 March 2020

Birmingham Snapshots...

Last Sunday we had a little wander around Birmingham and, luckily for us, it was a beautiful sunny day.
I love looking around cities, although I am a bit of a nightmare as I have to stop every two minutes to take random photos!

We found the very fabulous Cow vintage shop and I felt so inspired with their graffiti-cow!
I think I'd really like to get some more spontaneous, abstract mark-making in my own painting.
I love this so much!

Cow vintage selfie opp!

I was also very taken with some of the old-school style shop signs...

Hope you liked my random snaps!
Big hugs to you all!

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Agatha Christie Apron...

Here's the pinny that I printed at the Jane McKeating workshop last Saturday at the 2021 Visual Arts Centre.
I didn't know what I wanted to make when I started but after I cut out a magpie-shaped stencil, which was taken from one of my drawings, I decided it was starting to take on a slightly sinister feel.
I then cut cross-shaped stencils and a plan began to hatch...

I'm a huge fan of Miss Marple, especially the Margaret Rutherford films, who is my number one style guru (that lady could sure rock a tweed cape)!!!
I also love printing in a 'painterly (in other words, very messy) way and I wanted to layer, overlap and capture the creases of the fabric.
I've had this pinny for a very long time, I've no idea how old it is but I think that it must have been used by a maid which is how the Agatha Christie vibes started to emerge.
I did also want it to look a little bit like an early 1960's graphic design, as a little nod towards my fashion icon.

Hope you like!
It was such good fun to make, I felt like I was back at art college again!

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Jane McKeating Workshop...

Last Saturday I attended a workshop by the brilliant textile artist Jane McKeating at the 2021 Visual Arts Centre.
I was so looking forward to it because some of Jane's work is exhibited in the 62 Group's Cntrl Shift Exhibition (that I blogged about a little while ago) and it also gave me the chance to meet up with two of my good friends.

Jane brought a huge selection of examples of her beautiful work which was based on family memories and has been printed and embroidered on old handkerchiefs.

My friend seemed to be wearing the same jumper!

We spent the morning screen printing onto vintage charity-shopped finds.
Jane was so generous with her materials and knowledge and her daughter helped us all so much.

In the afternoon we could add stitch to embellish our designs (I didn't get to sew very much because I was obsessed with the printing!)

Look at my friend's funky dog!

By the end of the workshop we had all produced completely different work, it had been a fantastic day and I really want to do some more screen printing!

I couldn't resist photographing the remnants left on my friend's table!

Thanks so much for such a brilliant day, I loved every minute!

I'll put my piece of work on a separate post because there are already a lot of photos on here!
See you soon!

Friday, 28 February 2020

Mother's Day Thank You Offer:

Hello there,
I hope that you don't mind me mentioning but I wanted to give a little 'thank you' gift because you have all supported me so much, both in my business and online community.
So I thought it would be a nice idea to include a free A5 print in the next 50 orders.
It's printed from an original painting called 'My Pinny Bird,' which is about a girl who keeps a friendly blackbird in her pinny pocket.
The blackbird sings to her all day as she does her chores, and she sweeps up any stray crumbs from the kitchen and puts them in her pocket for her friend.

It could be used as a Mother's Day card or present, or you could keep it yourself as a little treat.

All the best,
Mrs B x

Friday, 14 February 2020

Icarus' Sister...

I've really got the painting bug again and it's been so lovely to be back in the studio again.
As soon as I'd finished my last painting I was on with this one.

The beginning always takes a long time as I've no idea what I'm going to paint, I really love working that way.
I've also really enjoyed making little instagram stories as I'm painting, it's such a useful way to see how the painting has progressed and I love reading the comments as I'm painting.

These are the 'zombie' stages where she looks a bit scary!
It's useful to work on a dark background as you can build up a wide range of tonal values just by wiping into the acrylic paint.

Once the eyes are painted in you can start and see the character forming.

I used masking tape to create neat edges for the background shapes.
Balancing the composition as a whole is the part I really enjoy, it's a bit like playing chess (if I knew how to play chess that is)!

I'm quite pleased with the pastel palette and the dark greys...
now onto the next painting!

Have a fab weekend chucks X

Saturday, 8 February 2020

I Think I've Finished...

I (think) I've finished the painting, 
I've really enjoyed this as I've had quite a long break from painting and I've been itching to get back to my trusty easel.

My little studio buddy kept an eye on things and is always there to tell me when a tea break is needed!

There is nothing better than peeling off the masking tape and revealing a clean edge!

Balancing the composition always takes longer than I'd planned, but it's good fun (and infuriating sometimes!)

Icarus And The Moon

'What if Icarus was a woman
the sun was the moon?'

Acrylic and mixed media

I challenged myself to make regular Instagram stories to show the progress of this painting ( I also waffled on about things like Midsomer Murders and cheese toasties!!!)
If you'd like to see the painting as it progressed in the studio, you can find it on my Instagram page in the Painting 1 and 2 Highlights folder.

(Please excuse my Northern accent!)