Thursday, 15 August 2019

Cornwall Longings...

This is a painting I did when my daughter was only four years old.
It was painted at the time when I was starting to think that I could maybe 'do something' with my art, (although I must admit that I'm still figuring that out-but that's half the fun isn't it!)
I think that because your artwork is always evolving, like something that has a life of its own, you can never quite catch up and figure out what's going on. 
But even though it can be so frustrating sometimes it's the thing I most love about trying to live a creative life.
Anyhow, I'm waffling on, please forgive me!

I haven't actually looked at this painting for a long time, but it's the perfect time to do so because it's about the feeling I get when we return from our holidays.
Every year we visit Cornwall, it is such a special place to me.
And every time we return I feel like my heart has broken.

It's been my dream to live there, but then I wondered if it would lose its sense of magic if I lived there everyday?
I do know that I feel full of inspiration, ready for the new term.

Actually, I shouldn't take full credit for this painting - I let my daughter scribble on this one and I shall cherish it always!

I hope that you've had a wonderful summer too chucks.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Whitby Museum...

I've only just realised that I haven't shown you the photos I took at Easter when we visited the wonderfully quirky Whitby Museum.
It really is like stepping back in time, and I'm sure that this Victorian museum hasn't changed very much at all over the years.
I absolutely love museums, especially the old, creaky kind crammed with glass cabinets of curiosities, (especially ones of the slightly spooky kind!)

An unintentional albatross selfie!

I can't believe that this is an actual genuine narwhal skeleton!

I fell in love with this little mouse!

And this handsome chap...

I'm slightly obsessed with ships in bottles!

The stories behind the exhibits were fascinating.

How amazing is this!

A museum isn't a museum without a spooky doll or two!

This is the star exhibit, the 'hand of glory', an actual hand that had been preserved and was used to help burglars with their mischief! This 'hand of glory' had been in use up to 1820!

If you ever find yourself in Whitby I can heartily recommend a visit, hope you enjoyed our little trip out!
(I also hope that I don't give you any nightmares about dismembered hands or creepy dolls!!!!!)

Friday, 19 July 2019

Lucy And The Caterpillar...

A few weeks ago we visited Hebden Bridge (I love it so much there, beautiful scenery, quirky shops and the best pizza ever!)
Lucy And The Caterpillar is one of my very favourite vintage shops, shall we take a look around?

There is always so much to see, it is like Doctor Who's tardis (but much prettier!)
Just look at the 1950's swimming cossie!

And the dress in the window was just incredible!

What I love about vintage shopping is seeing how my daughter's own personal style is evolving, she seems much more drawn to the 1960's Mod-ish styles, whereas I've always loved 1940's-1950's dresses.
It makes me so proud to see that she'd much rather buy vintage clothing than the mass produced fashion you see on the high street.

This really is one of those shops where you don't know where to look first!

(Have you ever suffered from 'blogger's curse'?
Looking back through these photos I keep thinking 'why didn't I try those shoes on?'
Oh well! it just means I'll have to go back again eh!!!!)

Hope you enjoyed our little foray!
And I hope that you have a wonderful summer, full of relaxing days and adventures.
I'm looking forward to some family time and sketch book shenanigans.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

The JLC Art and Design Foundation Diploma Exhibition (Part Two):

Welcome to part two of the John Leggott College Art And Design Final Exhibition!
I've shown Anya's and Gaby's work together as they both explore deeply personal issues and even though their work is very different there is a deep sense of sensitivity and emotion within the work produced.
Gaby's Fine Art explored generational trauma and her impressive large scale sculptures communicate the inner child.

Anya's impressive display of her fashion design really communicated a strong visual message and the technical skill used in the construction and production of the garments was superb.

I love how Anya combined fine Art and Fashion Design techniques together so seamlessly.

Dal produced a highly sophisticated re-branding campaign for the London-based fashion label CLOTHSURGEON.

The display looked stunning under the artificial lighting and the whole campaign was extremely professional.

Neave pin-pointed a really interesting niche market for her graphic design and produced a range of paper-based products for low budget, gender neutral weddings.
Her work is light-hearted and quirky and I loved how she approached her brief.

I absolutely love these cake-topper people!

And just look at this little chap!

Marcus' Fine Art CONTROL/ESCAPE installation explored many seemingly disparate themes that actually blended together beautifully throughout the project.
Areas such as Greek Mythology, The Beatles,' transcendental meditation,The Cat In The Hat' and childhood were but a few of the elements to this work!

Marcus worked incredibly hard to create this highly ambitious installation (and produced thirty-two preparatory paintings in the first week of this project alone!)

Gabby explored the concept of branding her own electronic music festival.

She created glow-in-the-dark artwork as well as the branded graphic design elements.

And she even created her own little night club!
(Here I am with my glow stick having a little celebratory rave!)

Neve is both a Fine Artist and extremely talented singer-song-writer, who not only produced an installation but also wrote an original song and filmed the video as well!

'My work will take you through both personal emotions and startling metaphors of things we experience as part of the Human Condition-watered down with blasts of colour and sugar-coated truths.'

Mac's conceptual fashion designs questioned society's view on gender-based clothing.
I am so proud of Mac because at the start of the course he hadn't sewn or drafted patterns before, and now he has secured a place to study on a fashion design degree!

I loved the 'subverted suit' where the jacket was made of the trousers and the pair of trousers was a re-purposed jacket!

Liv is an illustrator who produced a range of beautiful stationery that was based on plants and nature.
The purpose of her designs was to create a positive and calming influence and to support the individual's sense of well-being.

The space was carefully staged to create a sanctuary-type environment that was warm and welcoming, I loved her printed paper plants so much!

Kayleigh's graphic design project posed the question
'What if words never existed?'
This collection of beautiful outcomes explored this deeply profound concept in a sensitive and technically skilful manner.

Every aspect of the display space was carefully considered in such detail, and I felt as though I was actually walking into a shop when I looked at her work.
Kayleigh handled both traditional 'hands on' techniques and digital design with great skill and control.

I do hope you enjoyed this exhibition, I cannot express just how proud I am of the class of 2019!
A huge thanks  to Cafe Indie,  the Creative Arts Department, Kelly at reprographics, the Estates staff, 2021 Visual Arts Centre and everyone else who supported the students throughout the year.
(Cheers Sam for helping with the photography for this post as well!)

Good luck to all the students on the next step towards your glittering futures.
Miss you chucks x