Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Very Dottie Day Indeed!

Well, where do I begin?
The Dottie Angel and Ted & Agnes workshop at the Hope and Elvis studio was probably one of the best days of my life, ever.
Not only did I meet my blogging hero, (of whom I couldn't quite look in the eye the whole day because I went a bit shy and unnecessary,) but I met Louise and Debs and the magical place that is Hope and Elvis.
If you love charity shopping, car booting, tea drinking, Tunnocks tea cake scoffing, stitching (and not bitching), laughing, ooh-ing and ahh-ing, rootling through scraps of delicious vintage fabrics and generally having a fine old time, then you have to visit this shiny, happy place.

(I've still got to finish it...sorry, there were too many distractions!)

As we were rushing to finish our pinnys in time for dinner, (delicious by the way!) it reminded me of college, as we were all sewing like demons, pins flying all around us and tongues sticking out at jaunty angles.
 (Why do bobbins always run out just when you've only got a tiny bit left to do?)
When I'd finally stitiched on my apron ties, I said in a triumphant voice for all to hear:
'That's better, I've got my strap on now!'
(Yep, another classic quote for the book!)

Dottie's bag (I nearly stroked it, but I thought it would make me look a tad creepy, or ever so slightly pick pocket-like, which would not do at all.)

Louise's fab bracelet:

Louise and Debs (steady on girls!)

Dottie and Ted & Agnes and their dearies:

Thankyou to the most inspiring and friendly tutors and a huge thankyou to Louise and Debs for organising the whole wonderful day and for all the Tunnocks' goodness, fab fabric, laughs and friendship.
I will be back!
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