Sunday, 1 May 2016

It's A Hope And Elvis Weekender! It's The Sunday!!

The goodie bags were ready and the cakes were replenished, ready for another day of play and laughter...
Sam, oohing and aahing over Louise's amazing vintage paper stash.
Everyone launched straight into the printing goodness!
And very quickly beautiful pieces of work emerged...
The joys of corn plasters!
I love Louise's office.
And everything else in the Hope And Elvis studio!
Louise and her button tin of happiness!
The obligatory Hope And Elvis loo selfie!
Good friends and good times!
The unintentional gnome selfie!
Thanks Sam for making a brew...
there was every shade suitable for every taste,
(I chose the palest because I love 'nursery tea'!)
It is so amazing how differently everyone's work turned out...
Such beautiful textures and colours...

And do you know, I still didn't manage to capture all of the fabulous work produced on both of the days.
Thanks again to all of you who came along, you don't know how much it means you know.
(And Louise, Sam and Leah....well, you were just ruddy fab!)
And then we had to pack up and the party had to end...
Can't wait until next time!


  1. lovely! oh those cakes! <3

    1. Thank you Jandi,
      I'm very lucky to have such a talented mum and neighbour who love to bake! X

  2. They are lovely photos, they really capture the day. Hope to be at another of your workshops one day. x

    1. Thanks Carrie, your work was brill.
      Hope to see you again one day xxx

  3. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time. The art produced looks beautiful, and the cakes look delicious!

    1. Thanks Louise, it was a special day full of creativity and laughs xxx

  4. It looks amazing, so much fantastic work! I also love the resin pendants and that flowery bag. After I get settled in across the pond, I hope I can make it over to Hope and Elvis one day.

    1. Thanks Val, hope you get settled in soon chuck.
      The bag is made by a wonderful designer, you can find her on Instagram as the Linen Garden and she teaches workshops at Hope and Elvis too.
      All the best xxx

  5. My Granny drank Pearl Tea. Nursery Tea is maybe stronger? I am from the land of ladies rooms but loo is a much better word. I had no idea about the corn plasters I have never used them in any configuration. Thank you for all the pictures I learned so many new things!

    1. I have never heard of pearl tea but it sounds beautiful! I think perhaps my tea would be one shade darker.
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos and that I've introduced you to the joys of corn plasters! Ha! Ha! X


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