Friday, 8 June 2018

When Rabbit Girls Dream...

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, when I begin a painting I never know how it will turn out.
I thought I'd share some photos of how 'When Rabbit Girls Dream' evolved...

I'd prepared the background the day before, I love that stage of a painting, just throwing paint around without a care in the world!
(Before this face emerged, it had been a dog, magpie and many other things before she began to appear...)

A little hair style tweak...
but I really wasn't happy with her eyes, something was wrong.

She wanted a nap!
I think she seems much happier now!

Now to block in some tonal variations... and there needs to be a little bit of something at the top of the composition.

I love painting in the negative spaces and see the image clarifying.

Time to step back, have a think and a cup of tea...

A little bit of balancing in the background and I think she's done!
Hope you like!

Wishing you a very creative and merry weekend indeed chucks x

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