Thursday, 24 October 2019

Hurray! It's a Hope & Elvis Workshop Weekender!

On Saturday 12 October I was back at the very lovely Hope & Elvis Studio to teach my drawing and collage workshop.
My Mum and Jean from the village had been very busy baking, (I'm no baker but I did do the washing up!)

Do you like the Halloween bat cake?

We spent the morning drawing the character's head (there was a template kit to work from if you fancied,) and everyone really got cracking...

So many exciting characters started to emerge...

There were regular cake-stops!

And look!
Matching leopard print bun case and leggings!

After a delicious dinner by Magie (I'm sorry, it was so gorgeous that I forgot to take a photo before it was too late!!!) we began to embellish the paper costumes with inks, wax, gold leaf and all other manner of twinkly goodness...

Now this is dedication!
Matching icing and hair colour!!!!

Some of my work was also there for sale, I really love Louise's studio space.

Aren't these beautiful!

Look! A fox tea-angel!

Look at this beautiful composition...

Wonderful characters and stories began to unfold...

What gorgeous work...

I don't think that I managed to photograph everyone's finished pieces, I'm so sorry about that because the work was truly stunning and I can't believe just how much was created in one day.

Thank you so much Louise, Sam and Magie for all that you did and to the talented ladies that came along to the workshop, it was a truly magical day.

I'll be back soon to show you what happened on the Sunday workshop, but I hope that you enjoyed your visit.
Fancy a cup of tea and a slice of cake chuck? x


  1. Ahhhh Mrs B this looks again like a FUN day !
    (uhhhhmmm ... and YUMMY too !)

  2. Replies
    1. That would be fun chuck! I'll save you a cake x


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