Friday, 12 August 2016


Well, we've just returned from our family holiday in Cornwall.
Before I begin the epic laundry mountain of doom I thought I'd share a few snapshots with you.
I'll tell you more of our adventures when I finally reach the summit!
(If I don't emerge in the next few days will someone call the emergency services please?!?!?)
Before I'd even unpacked our little caravan on our arrival, a Pokemon had invaded!
I love Cornwall I do.
Someone else enjoyed the lie-ins!
Hopefully see you on the other side, I'm going in....!


  1. I quite like doing post holiday washing; it's all part of being home again x

    1. Do you know, you made me feel a whole lot enter and it's going rather swimmingly! Xxx

  2. Did you tow your caravan down there or did you go to one already there? Getting a bit caravan obsessed!!!

    1. It's just a little tow along caravan chuck. We've had it for thirteen years and I loves it cos it only takes about ten minutes to clean! X


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