Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Lesson Learned...

During the summer I attended a two day experimental painting workshop at The Newlyn School of Art.
The tutor was Sam Bassett, and I have been a fan of his work for a long time.
We had a glorious time playing with paint and mixed media, and the fellow students were such a great group of creative, generous souls.
Using some of the papers I prepared, this was the piece I worked on during the second day.
What I found out about myself was that I can feel embarrassed about the recurring motifs and subject matter that appears in my work.
I think at some point everyone can feel that they should do something different, something more.
So when my rabbit- eared girl decided to come out to play, I talked about this when we were sharing our thoughts in the group.
But I learned a valuable lesson that day.
She is MY rabbit- eared girl.
And honest imagery evolves slowly and will keep re-appearing.
And I'm not troubled by this anymore, and if any more hares or wild haired ladies or jackdaws and black birds want to come and play, they are more than welcome!
( Thanks for listening, I feel better for that!)


  1. She is so lovely!

    We went to an art fair last night and you see each artist's theme through their recurring motifs. One artist uses pastels to draw mid-century houses in a minimalist style. Another artist paints clouds rolling over flat landscapes.

    I think it's someone showing the world their personality...their true selves. "This is what I see when I dream."

    1. Thank you Heidi Sue, they are the perfect words. x

  2. I love seeing your lovely ladies and hares re-appear as they are so delightful x

  3. Each artist has a signature style - yours happens to have long ears. Your work is distinctive and recognisable as yours, and that's nothing to be embarrassed about.

  4. I think we all have our own style and reuse certain motifs. I use a lot of french knots in my work for example.That isn't a problem, because I don't think it restricts our creativity. Your work is recognisable but that doesn't make it any the less beautiful 💜

    1. What a lovely supportive thing to say, thank you Louise X


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