Sunday, 22 April 2018

I Love Whitby...

I've just been going through some of the photos I took on our Easter holiday in Whitby.
Just look at the breakfast I had at The Rusty Shears!

Someone enjoyed a doggy-cinno too!

Mini goth and I enjoyed a morning sketching in the cafe...

and outside...

This was a sketch I drew of a fab sculpture in Whitby Museum by Joan Pyman.

I think I photograph this door every time we visit!

I loved this sign in a barber's window...

and mini Goth said that these looked like the sorting hat in Harry Potter!

There were lots of Mods and beautifully shiny scooters around.

And, of course, the Easter bunny was spotted here and there!

See you again Whitby, love you lots x


  1. Looks like a lovely time spent with your daughter. Whitby is old and beautiful, always enjoy visiting. Also remember some good sweet crab from there too. Love your sketching.

    1. thank you chuck.
      My hubby loves a crab sarnie from Whitby!

  2. Ha, ha, you sure had some lovely times during Easter !!!
    (barbershop the best !)

  3. What's a Whitby Fatty? ( other than me, of course, after savouring the Whitby hospitality?)

    1. They're those massive scones, I haven't tried one yet....but maybe next time! x

  4. oh wow.....we went to Whitby in the Easter Holiday too, it is such a lovely place. I love your photos and drawings and the sorting hats!!xxx


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