Saturday, 14 July 2018

Lisa Stickley At Hope & Elvis!

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to be going to a workshop held at the fabulous Hope & Elvis, taught by the amazing Lisa Stickley.
We were asked to bring in our favourite toy from our childhood, and so I brought Gol Gol (I'll tell you more about her at a later date, I think she's worthy of a post of her own some day, bless her.)

My friend brought in her horse called Miles, and I must admit he caught my eye and became my muse for the day.
(Sorry Gol Gol!)

I brought my trusty art supplies pouch, which was made by my lovely friend Deborah.
(The fabric is printed with one of my paintings and it has beautiful hand stitching on it, I will treasure it forever.)

When we sat down for a gorgeous dinner by Magie, I noticed this coaster which was propping up the table leg, (how Hope& Elvis is this!!!!!)

No photograph can do Magie's cooking justice!

After dinner, some fabulous work began to emerge in the room...

Here's Louise, enjoying one of Lisa's stories.

I really enjoyed mono-printing, and I liked the 'ghost horse' that had been left behind by my print.

The lovely Louise Presley was also there, working in her beautiful atelier studio.
She very kindly let me swooosh about in the net petticoats that she is going to re-fashion.
(Thanks to Louise Asher for letting me use this screen shot of the boomerang film she made of me whilst in full swooosh!)
Fabulous darling!

Lots of art-action going on!

A Gol Gol close that she doesn't feel left out!

Lisa's work is stunning and so witty, I love her drawings and characters so much and her books are a joy.

My horse started to emerge from the creative chaos...

This is the inside of the 'book' that I collaged...and a little story began to formulate.

Awwww...look what I found on my trusty Pritt stick!

This chap is Louise's treasured toy, you can tell he's a real character!

More Lise Stickley lovliness...

Unfortunately I didn't manage to photograph everyone's work, but the variety was amazing.
I loved this 3D collage.

More fabulous work, I love the mark-making and how the characters have been captured.

And this is my favourite photograph of the day.....
Lisa Stickley drawing my Gol Gol!
(I did turn a bit fan-girl at this point!)
Thank you Lisa, I will treasure this forever.

It was a truly inspirational day, we were treated like Queens all day (thank you so much Louise Asher and Magie, cheers Sam for all the cups of tea, and thank you so much Lisa for sharing your skills, knowledge and laughter.

If you'd like, I'll tell you the little story that I made up about my horse next time...


  1. Gol, Gol is lovely. I had a Golly no longer with me but I remember him distinctly. Your art pouch must bring you joy. Do love all the creativity that comes out of Hope and Elvis, and your horse that emerged.

    1. thanks so much chuck, I do so love my Gol Gol!
      So glad you liked the post x

  2. Yes please to hear little horse story x

    1. Are you sitting comfortably?
      Then we shall begin...... x

  3. This looks like a blast - including the swooshing about. Fabulous.

  4. Lucky you what a fun day and a wonderful theme.

    1. Thank you chuck, its a truly magical place x


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