Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Fancy A Day At Hope & Elvis?

Last year I taught a drawing and collaging workshop at the lovely Hope & Elvis called
 'Mrs Bracken, Miss Briar and Long Eared Ladies: Drawing and Collaging With Vintage Papers'.
We has SUCH a good time, and I felt so honoured and happy to be invited back to do it all again!
Woo! Hoo!
There are some places available for Sunday 13th October, if anyone fancies it (and there will be LOTS of cake!)

And please, do not fear if you don't feel confident about drawing as I've made template kits, and if you do feel confident and want to draw and collage your own creature or character then that is absolutely fine too.

(Did I mention that there will be cake?!?)

I'm really looking forward to it, Hope & Elvis is a beautiful, beautiful space to work in and meet kindred spirits.

This is Mrs Bracken...
(You can read her story if you'd like.)

And this is Miss Briar...

I promise I'll blog about it too if you can't come along and join the fun.
Have a fab week chucks X


  1. It all looks and sounds super fun. I’ll have to content myself with your blog post about it but one day I hope to attend one of your fabulous fun workshops
    Lynn xx

    1. Awww thanks Lynn, you would LOVE Hope & Elvis! xxx


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