Sunday, 29 September 2019

St.Ives Memories...

I'm sat at my computer on a bleak and rainy Sunday and I find myself scrolling through my summer holiday photos.
I thought I'd share a few snap shots of my beloved St.Ives.
This is Mistral's window that I walk past on my way to the Tate St.Ives Gallery.
Every year I promise myself that I'll pop in and have my palm read,
and every year I chicken out!

Here's Middie outside her favourite bakery!
(Do you think she can read?!?)

Every year I also find myself photographing these dustbins.
They make me laugh every time!

How I wish that I was the lucky owner of this little gallery...

I loved these words by Ella Frears...


  1. My mother was a fortune teller, she had a little shopfront in Wales, I never let her 'do' me.. our destiny is in our own hands methinks. Some people are upset/disappointed with their 'reading' (just saying/hope I am not a killjoy) Your town is so very pretty I would love to visit there one day.

    1. Not at all Betty, I think that you make a very good point, how interesting that your mother read fortunes!
      You would love St Ives, unfortunately I don't live there but I visit every year xxx

  2. What piece was the lovely Ella Frears text paired with?

    1. Hello Cathryn,
      It was on a wall as I entered the gallery, it's such a beautiful piece of writing isn't it xxx


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