Sunday 27 May 2018

Plotting And Planning...

King Of The Magpies

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the future.
My dream would be to work as 'Mrs Bertimus' full time, and create a wide range of work.
2018 is the year that I want to learn the things that I've told myself I can't do, things like Photoshop and running a web shop.
My friends have been amazing (and very patient!) and have already taught me so much.
I'm never going to be a Photoshop master, but even with my very, very basic skills I've already been able to create things I never thought I could do.
One of my hopes for this year was to be able to offer a series of giclee prints, and I'm hoping to offer these in the (not so distant) future.
I feel really excited about the next few months, I hope you like them!

Mrs Whipple

Running Hare


Sunday 20 May 2018

I Love Hemswell...

Yesterday, me and my Mum had a good old snoop around the hangers at Hemswell.
We hadn't been for ages and we love it there.

Isn't it a funny feeling when you see something form your childhood?
I used to have an alarm clock exactly the same as that!

I love gnomes, but I'm not sure about gnomes with teeth...

I was so tempted by this painter's kettle...

 I felt a little bit sorry for the Mickey puppet...

How I wish they made these in my size!

Now this painting was a tad out of my price range, but isn't he lovely!
Time for a cup of tea and a slice of cake now...

PS: As I was congratulating myself for not purchasing anything and having the most amazing will power, this patchwork quilt caught my eye and, well, you can guess what happened!

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Hip! Hip! Hooray! It's Another Hope & Elvis Day!

On the Sunday we experimented with creating painted paper collages.
There were template packs for foxes and hares, or you could create whatever creature you fancied.
Here's Louise and Ruth ready for a day of paint, cake, laughs and sunshine in the beautiful studio of Hope & Elvis.

There's always time for cake!

It's not often a flamingo joins in with a workshop! (Isn't he gorgeous!)

Paint accident alert, (lovely textures though!!!!)

Dining al fresco in the sunshine...

I think that this is the most beautiful salad I have ever seen!

I had a very snazzy friend join me for dinner!

Creatures, characters and stories were starting to emerge...

 The afternoon was a quiet haven of creativity... with giggles and cake eating as well!

Just look at Ruth's fabulous sandals and socks!

I couldn't believe how many beautiful creatures emerged at the end of the day...

(Oo! I nearly forgot the obligatory Hope & Elvis loo photo shoot!)

I love that glittery loo seat so much!

At the end of the day we all got to sign the locker!

Group photo!
So proud of all you fabulous ladies this weekend, it was such a privilege to create beautiful art with you all x

A huge thanks to Louise, my mate Sam, Magie and Ruth for such a great day, and it was brilliant to have a good old catch up with Miss Presley xxxxx