Friday 30 October 2015

My Name Is Diego...

There must be something spooky in the air!
This sneaky fellow wasn't even invited, but appear he did ( I have no control over such matters!)
I'm preparing an Abstraction workshop weekend for Hope and Elvis next year and I'm tinkering with new techniques.

When I was working on this I asked Hubby what he thought of the cat...
well, he looked at me as though I'd lost the plot ( perhaps I have!)
However, Mini Goth liked him.
So, as I often do in such quandaries, I sent a pic of him to my trusted mate, who suggested perhaps he needed a mask...
I think it is the finishing touch.
It was then he became Diego.
Be afraid.
Very afraid!

Tuesday 27 October 2015

It's A Vintage A-Fair!

It's a great atmosphere, with live music, folk dressed in their vintage finery and tea and cake galore!
(Did I mention the stalls of vintage treasures?!?)
Even ol' blue eyes made an appearance!
Look at these beautiful hand made hats.
I was very tempted by these tiny clogs!
Everyone had a great time!
These old ballet shoes reminded me of my childhood...
There were so many glamorous folk with amazing style.
And here's the uber- glam Hayley, of Pigeon Vintage fame!
All of the 'in crowd' were there!
Alice In Buttonland's stall was full of hand made jewellery stands and quirky jewellery.
We had a chat and a laugh as I had a little panic just in front of the stall, because things got a little crowded at one point!
That's when I needed a restorative cup of tea!
We had a little look around the classic cars on the way out, Keith cut a very dashing figure with his beautiful MG.
Hubby liked this one the best...
Then it was time to go home (I blew my budget within the first ten minutes, I just can't control myself when it comes to vintage!)

Thursday 22 October 2015

Play Time...

Sometimes you've just got to try something new.
I've always been fascinated by print, but subconsciously I wouldn't really allow myself to really have a go.
I suppose I felt as though I had to have a 'certificate' of some kind!
(This was exactly how I felt about abstract painting about fifteen years ago!)
But I'm enjoying mono printing so much, and now I'm trying to combine this with some of the techniques that I often use.
It can really help you to simplify the composition, and it is a very forgiving way of working.
I'm really looking forward to the workshops I will be taking next year, I hope everyone else will enjoy playing with this technique too!

Saturday 17 October 2015

Lovely Frocks In St Ives!

One of my favourite shops to visit in St.Ives is Ward & Wilson.
It is a really quirky and unusual vintage shop and dress agency and every time I pop in there is such a warm welcome from Janet.
There are lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' when I have a pootle around!
Obligatory selfie!
This mask might have offered some protection when eating my chips in St.Ives, those sea gulls are merciless!
I loved this antique French smock...
And just look at the walls!
Aaah! Those summer days...

Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Potter's Studio...

Last week we took our Art Foundation and BTEC students to visit the Harley Gallery Open Studios and Professional Practice Day which is in the beautiful Welbeck Estate, Worksop.
It's a fantastic opportunity to see a vast array of creative practitioners and businesses, it was an inspiration to us all.
One of the studios we came across was that of the ceramicist's Kyra Cane.
As soon as you walked in there was a sense of calm and stillness.
I just love looking in artists' studios, each space is unique and this one was simply beautiful.
Cane's mark- making is sublime, and I wasn't surprised to see that she also produces exquisite drawings (which can be seen on her website).
This quote, taken from one of her post cards states:
'References are made to the wild open spaces where she loves to draw;the edge of the land has a particular fascination for her, that p,ace where earth meets vast open seas, huge expansive skies, forms that have a rhythm but never repeat.'
I also found her equipment and tools to be fascinating...
I had serious brush- envy!

Thank you Kyra for making us all feel most welcome, and for letting me snoop around your beautiful studio!