Thursday 23 June 2016

A Surprise On Steep Hill!

On Sunday we went to Lincoln as I had to collect my painting from the Usher Gallery.
What joy!
We stumbled across a rather delightful vintage fair just outside the Cathedral!
Fancy a mooch?
I cannot resist brooches!
Especially the old plastic kind!
It was a really lovely, bustling atmosphere.
You gotta loves a gnome!
Why didn't I buy this dress?
First giant plastic ice cream photo of the season!
(I told you I couldn't resist a brooch...or two!)
And then it was time to clamber up Steep Hill with my massive canvas, next time I'm going to paint a miniature!


  1. Why didn't you buy that dress?!
    That's a properly lovely fair, I'd have been tempted to a few treasures. I do love a seagull brooch.xx

    1. I have no idea 'Miss Ivy!
      I like to torture myself with photos of treasures I didn't buy methinks! X

  2. ooh I think I could have spent lots of pennies there x

    1. Yes, it wasn't very good for the old bank balance! X

  3. Love Lincoln! Weren't you lucky to find a vintage fair there!


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