Wednesday 28 May 2014

Bonnie Scotland!

I still haven't told you about all the adventures we had in the Easter hols.
(Good job really as this half term is a bit of a chilled out affair, which is actually just what I need).
Anyways, off to Edinburgh we travelled (thinking that it wasn't quite so far away, but it was worth it).
And the first thing I found did nearly make me a little teary-eyed.
You see, many years ago my Mum and me visited Venice and I really wanted to see the Titian paintings but it was closed on a Wednesday!
(I still remember that so clearly as I was gutted!)
But look who I bumped into in bonnie Scotland!
Fancy seeing you in this neck of the woods!
Love a bit of tacky Scottish souvenir hunting I do!

Look at this beautiful lettering...sigh!
Another one for the plastic ice cream cone photo album!
(Lord above, I have a problem!)
Edinburgh is one of those places that you just can't do in a day, I'll be back..

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Five Fearless Fellows And A Fond Farewell...

Every year it's the same bitter sweet feeling, seeing your students fly the nest and breaking your heart at the same time.
I don't know how many photos of Sam I have in this exact same pose...funny that!
Bye bye my little chickens, I know that I have nagged you all year long, but I have nagged with love!
Sorry, I'm getting all maudlin to change the mood a little, I shall tell you about another event that also happened on this very same day.
The Art, Photography and Design chaps very courageously agreed to have their legs waxed to raise money for the Art Foundation Exhibition.
My Mum kindly stepped in at the last moment to perform the deed (I do think that she enjoyed inflicting the waxy torture quite a bit!)
Thanks Mum!
Anxious trepidation!
Victim number one...bless.
Just look at the crowd, anyone would think that we enjoyed watching men in pain!
Ta! Daaaaaaaaaa!
Well done lads!
£700 in the kitty and silky smooth legs!

Saturday 24 May 2014

Abstract A-Go-Go At The Steel Rooms!

Just had the best time at The Steel Rooms!
I had a wonderful group attending the 'Introduction To Abstraction' workshop, and did they work hard!
Firstly we all brought in bits and pieces for our inspiration board (mine's the one above).
Then we ventured upstairs into the beautiful gallery space and worked on our concertina sketch books.
Emma and Marianna working hard.
Keith, Liz and Sue seeking inspiration.
Sam and Pat painting like good'uns.
Julia found her inspiration from these willow branches, just look at her fab concertina below...
Dawn, having a chin wag.
After our sketching we had a gorgeous Steel Room's dinner.
Then it was back to work!
Look at Liz with two hair dryers!
Go girl!
Sue, Marianna, Dawn and Julia working on their layers.
After each layer masking tape was applied to preserve a section before more acrylic was added.
Action shot of Sam painting with my toy car, its tyre tracks are brill for painting with!
Julia using stencils to add sharp, graphic lettering.
Pat worked on a massive canvas and created beautiful textures.
Julie's colour palette was beautiful (and she used my favourite colour...illuminous red!)
Emma worked over a collage of paintings and created really intricate layers and effects.
I was so proud of Marianna as she bravely worked over her extremely realistic paintings and combined the two styles of painting really successfully.
Everyone's work was so different, Sam's is very contemporary and urban in quality.
Just look at all the work that was produced in just TWO HOURS!
Sue combined fluid layers with sharper shapes.
And Liz- The - Brave used black for her final layer and his really unified the whole composition.
A bold move!
Marianna's Surreal realism/ abstraction combination.
A detail of Dawn's massive canvas, really sensitive and calligraphic mark making.
A close up of Pat's large scale piece...just look at that build up of layers!
Julie's fluid and delicate paintings.
Julia's paintings reminded us of The Chelsea Flower Show.
Look at the complex surface of Emma's work.
Love this little one of Pat's.
Even though Dawn's canvas was huge, she still worked on a second piece!
I definitely recognise that lady Marianna!
And Keith hadn't had an art lesson since school!
I am so proud of you!
Sam's finished piece.
Well done everyone!
I cannot believe how much work you produced in one day!
Don't know about you, but I'm off for a lie down!