Monday 4 July 2016

A Weekend In Brighton...

I have just spent the most wonderful weekend in Brighton.
I was invited to the wonderful wedding of two past students, and I stayed in a fantastic airbandb with a couple of my lovely chums.
I managed to take in a few of the sights too...
I bloomin' love seagulls I do!
Giant plastic ice cream cone alert!
I have no idea what this had been, a mermaid's house perchance?
We enjoyed a glass of bubbly on the beach after the ceremony.
These aren't my shoes, alas, but this photo sums up the day perfectly.
Having a mooch around The Lanes before the wedding.
I was about to ask 'how much is that doggy in the window' but then I saw the sign!
I think this is my favourite photo!
So, did you want a flake or sprinkles on your Mr Whippy?


  1. Brighton is one of my favourite places on this earth ! I grew up in Sussex & went to Brighton all the time as a teenager & worked in a trendy shoe shop in Dukes Lane in my twenties. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Love your fairy tale & stitching in your last post x

    1. Thank you Miss Bad Penny,
      I did my PGCE at Brighton and loved every minute.
      It's such a vibrant place xxx

  2. Hi Mrs Bertimus! I've just by chance discovered your blog - I live in Brighton - although you've done so much more than I ever do at the weekend here! It looks as though you had a fun time. Must go in search of the cafe serving drinks in the 'Sex, drugs and bacon rolls' mug!

    1. Thanks for popping by Ellie!
      You're so lucky living in such a wonderful place!
      We went to the Breakfast Club in the Lanes, hope you like it there xxx

    2. Good tip - I've not been. It's recently come down here after being really popular in Soho in London - literally queues out the door all weekend! Must get there early! xxx

    3. It was really busy, it had a great atmosphere. Hope you enjoy it there! Xxx

  3. Great photos, but what a perfect shot with the seagull flying past in the first photo. One of our lecturers was responsible for getting me and my man together, he came to the wedding, we often visited him, we went to his untimely funeral, and when my man wrote a book he dedicated it to him. Some lecturers stay with you forever, I'm sure you're remembered with fondness by lots of students.x

    1. Thank you so much chuck for sharing such a lovely memory. It is the best feeling in the world when students find success and happiness in the big wide world xxx


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