Friday 31 January 2014

Creator Club!

We are very lucky to have a group of artistic Secondary School students who come along to our Creator Club.
This week it was my turn to show them the joys of machine embroidery.
But...first things first...the refreshments had to be sorted out before our VIPs arrived.
Oh! No!
A biscuit related accident!
After chatting about my stitchings they were off!
I was amazed how quickly our students worked and just how high the standard of the work was.
Time for tiffin!
Just look at those little fingers!

Michael's frog!

Sam's happy dance!
Whirring machines...not long left now!

It's thirsty work!
Not many biccies left now!

Creative mess.

An iguana!
Stunning continuous line stitching.
Look at this use of colour and texture!
What a beautiful sea gull...
Look at this patchwork combo!
Can you see the cheeky octopus?
We had such a good time and everyone worked so hard.
Well done chucks!

Happy New Year And Happy Birthday!

What a lovely birthday surprise!
Folksy have included my 'Lonesome Horse' Pinny in their Year Of The Horse advert for this week!

Off for a celebratory cup of tea and slice of cake now!
Just popped a little link to my Folksy shop here, hope you don't mind me being so bold!
Ooo the cheek!

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Alopecia Chic!

Had a fab morning with my hairdresser, who very kindly cut three of my new wigs.
( Problem? Who says I've got a wig buying problem?)
I really like this one, I feel a bit '70's Charlie's Angels in it.
So I tried on my felt hat and took a photo of my reflection in the bathroom mirror.
(Do you like my ever so kitsch swan!)
I also had my head shaved today, can't stop rubbing my stubble!
(That sounds wrong somehow!)
Will show you my Tank Girl look when the weather's a bit warmer!

Saturday 25 January 2014


Some Christmas decorations just never seem to make it back to the attic...

Friday 24 January 2014

Off To The Circus!

Well, I've finally finished him!
When he started to emerge he had that twinkle in his eye.
I knew he had that sense of adventure, with just a glittering of show biz sparkle sprinkled in his ears.
He was destined for greater things, he longed for the cheer of the audience and the thrill of the Big Top.
He asked me very politely, so I made him his extra special costume and packed him up a carrot butty.
And off to the circus he goes!

I'm really pleased with the clippy things that Sam gave me and I'm still knee deep in Hope and Elvis preparations!

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Who Does She Think She Is?

Yes, the Queen of Sheba!
Spent a lovely morning stitching.
Lots more to do, but once the face is done that's half the battle's won!
(Ooo that rhymes and everything!)

Sunday 19 January 2014

A Heart- Felt Thanks!

On Friday we had a 'Health and Well Being Day',which meant we could try out all sorts of different crafts and other such healthy goings on.
Ginny and Jo very kindly held a 3D felting workshop.
Just look at Ginny's gorgeous dog!
And here's Jo's beautiful polar bear.
I wanted to make a hare's head...well, you have to dream!
( Or perhaps that should be a jacket potato instead!)
Here's Sophie, frantically stabbing away.
There were a few needle felting- related injuries, but only a little blood was shed!
Look at all the activity, we were all so absorbed you could have heard a pin drop! (Excuse the pun!)
Ginny's and Jo's creatures became a little fractious though, Mr Hare became quite perturbed by the naughty foxes!
Jo and Rachel in creative contemplation.
Sophie's sparrow is already looking very impressive indeed.
And look at Gemma's funky bird!
My poor hare is nowhere near finished, but when I do I quite fancy finding one of those wooden plaque things to attach it on.
As I said before, you can but dream!
Many thanks Ginny and Jo, it was the most therapeutic and quickest two hours I've ever spent!

Friday 17 January 2014

Flights Of Fancy!

Last weekend we visited a lovely exhibition at The Ropewalk, Barton.

'Flights Of Fancy' is an exhibition by two Yorkshire artists.

Pam Grimmond makes lino cuts,wood engravings and collages inspired by the rural, urban and coastal landscape.

'Easterly Wind'
Lino cut

Chris Moss uses a variety of wire,mesh and found materials to produce birds that are full of life and character.

I loved the way these little fellows were displayed and how she would add just a flash of colour here and there.
I think that the Jenny wren was my favourite, but I loved them all!

We also had the pleasure of meeting 'Rover', a rather portly but extremely friendly cat. She has decided to take up the position of 'cat in residence' at the gallery.
She and Lottie hit it off immediately.
Flights of Fancy
Chris Moss and Pam Grimmond
Gallery One
The Ropewalk