Wednesday 22 July 2020

New Ways Of Working...

Technology scares me.
I mean, really scares me.

It's this intangible entity, that in one moment can be our best friend, the next our worst enemy.
I still can't believe that I actually have an online shop and that Instagram has become such a wonderful community that means a great deal to me.
Technology has become a huge part of my life but I have had to get through many a wobbly moment, as I suspect many of us have had to also.
It's been like that when I decided to try and learn how to use Photoshop. 
It took me years to pluck up the courage to begin, because for years I simply told myself so often that I couldn't do it, and so, in a way, it became my truth.
Now, I'm never gong to be a master of Photoshop, and I will probably only ever use about 1% of its abilities, but I do enjoy slowly learning its tricks (thanks to my amazingly patient friends and some fab online tutorials!)
This past few months I set myself the challenge to create a zine, initially for some teaching prep, but it has evolved into more of a passion-project that I would possibly like to develop further in the future.
I've really enjoyed creating a series of digital-collages that include snippets of my own artwork and scanned vintage papers. 
At first I began trying out some of the new techniques that I have learned, but I think that the theme of 'womanhood' and the different roles we have to play in our lives has started to emerge.
A book that often surfaces through my work in a myriad of ways is 'Women Who Run With The Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and the digital collage of a woman having to wear her protective 'Mama Bear' mask echoes the influence that this amazing writer has had on me over the years.

I hope to finish the zine soon, I purposefully haven't planned it out and I just want to let things emerge - it may be a little strange, but then, so is Life!

Wishing you a wonderful week chucks X

Sunday 12 July 2020

Delivery Day At Hope & Elvis!

Yesterday I popped over to Hope & Elvis to see Louise because we had some exciting deliveries to make...
We had to deliver our art-works for the second round of judging for the Harley Gallery Open Exhibition.
(Keep your fingers crossed for us!)

Also, just look how beautiful Louise's Calm Amongst The Chaos dress is!
(Thanks for doing the wafty-dreamy action shot for me Louise!!!!)

We both felt a tad (lot!) nervous as we approached the gallery!

After the deed was done we celebrated with an ice lolly...careful you don't drip that on your dress chuck!!!


Just look how beautiful this is, isn't it lovely when nature just does its own thing!

Thanks for a lovely, lovely day, it was fab to see some of my arty chums too and have a good (socially distanced catch-up.)

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Order Amongst The Chaos...

Isn't it strange how quickly you get into a new routine?
I've always needed routine to feel safe I suppose,
 and I've never been great at adapting quickly to change.

These are the things that help to make sense of my days:

  1. Painting.
2. Doing a bit of exercise in the morning, either a short jog or my Davina DVD (I do love Davina!)
3. Trying to learn Photoshop (I've been taking an online course from Domestika, they're a bargain!)

Doing even a little bit of one or more of the things on my list have given me some kind of stability and routine, especially on those 'wobbly' days.

I hope that you're all keeping safe and well, 
have you found things to do that help you make sense of the days?

Big hugs X