Saturday 31 December 2016

Radical Craft.

19/11/16 - 28/1/17
Please check for opening times and for up to date information, if you wish to visit this exhibition, as some gallery areas are temporarily closed.

This fascinating exhibition features the work of 34 self taught artists, some of whom face personal barriers including health issues, disability or social circumstances.
Lasmin Salmon
Joanne B Karr
'Pair of Looped Boots'
Judith Scott
(Please excuse the selfie!)
Atsushi Yoshimoto
'Untitled I'
Nnena Kalu
'Mummified Sculptures'
I loved these so much, it was amazing to see the layers inside the pieces.
Horace Lindezey
'Seven Suits'
Wire, stitch and metal plate
Terence Wilde
Pinkie Maclure
'Landfill Tantrum'
Stained Glass
'The Gathering'
Machine Embroidery
Tom Baby
Mixed Media Sculpture
Beth Hopkins
'Untitled 2015'
Mixed Media
This piece was made from items washed up by the Thames river.
Dalton M Ghetti
'Small Is Beautiful'
Graphite and Wood
Ghetti produced these sculptures onto discarded carpenters'pencils to challenge himself to create the smallest sculptures he could physically produce.
He used a sewing needle as a carving tool, and each piece could take up to a year to produce as he could only work on them for up to two hours a day, as the work was so intense.
Pascal Tassini
'Bridal Headdress II'
Mixed Media

I hope you enjoyed this visit, I've included links to the two art organisations that created this exhibition:

Saturday 24 December 2016

Childhood Memories...

Shall we escape the crazy high streets and have a pootle around the ever so lovely Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green?
I loved his place as an art student many moons ago, it was like stepping back in time when we visited here again with the Art Foundation students.
Let's start with one of my very favourite exhibits.
It was made in 1944 by Jane Draper's mother Elizabeth, who stayed up all night to make her daughter a party dress. As she had no fabric coupons she made his beautiful dress from the scraps that she could find around the house.
Wish I could have this in my size!
I love how the reflections of the glass make these look like ghost shoes!
Oo....I bet that these two run havoc when the lights are switched off!
And I bet this one loves to party!
May I introduce you to Augusta Marianna and she is the oldest doll in the museum.
My hero.
I think that this chap was my favourite out of the whole of the museum.
Look at this cheeky fellow in his silk cabbage!
I hope you enjoyed our little trip, fancy a cup of tea now?
Merry Christmas to you, and thank you all so much for all of your lovely comments, and for reading my blog all over the world.
Wishing you all a wonderful 2017 my friends X