Friday 31 October 2014

Shadow Bird.

Millie was a quiet girl.
She would not dance, or sing, or twirl.
But when the day turned into night.
And when the moon would shine so bright.
She turned into a shadow bird.
And across the land her song was heard.

Thursday 30 October 2014

Let's Go Shopping!

Fancy a bit of divine decadence?
I fancy having a pootle around one of my favourite shops in St.Ives, Wilson and Ward.
It is the coolest and quirkiest designer clothing agency I have ever visited.
(Oh....and there are one or two foxes that like to hang around too!)
Everything is so beautifully displayed and there is a really friendly, relaxed feel.
Bye! See you next year!

Monday 27 October 2014

A Little Frippery...

Preparations at Mrs B HQ are now on full steam ahead.
Here's a little brooch that's been reworked with a tiny stitched portrait transferred from an old photo.
With a little bit of added bling!

Saturday 25 October 2014

A Vintage A- Fair!

Last Saturday was the Lindsey Lodge Hospice's Vintage A-Fair.

My Mum, Sam and myself had been sorting through our vintage bits and bobs and Lottie had been making bracelets and key rings (she is a proper little entrepreneur!)

Here's the view from our little stall!
(You can tell this was my Mum's side of the table, it's all the posh stuff! Ha!)
It was temptation city!
There weren't just stalls though, oh no, there was a 1940's tea room, the UK 1940's Radio Station and singers.
And here I am with Frank Sinatra! Yes really!
(He was one of the singers and he really was fab!)
I've always wanted to learn how to jive and jitter bug...
This glamorous lady was the runner up in the Miss Vintage modelling competition!
Her outfit was amazing!
We also had visitors!
The ├╝ber glamorous Gwen ( one of our lovely ex students).
And Mr Burkitt, (a work colleague, friend, and, funnily enough, another ex student!)
Loving the vintage hat Michael!
We had to visit the sweet stall because that is the law of England.
We were neighbours with Pigeon Vintage (here's PV's Hayley, who've guessed it, another ex student!)
Just look at her beautiful baby boy in his vintage coat...sigh!
Pigeon Vintage had many tempting wares on offer...

In fact I spent so much time coo-ing (geddit!) over Pigeon Vintage, Lottie sketched me!
The lady who was selling these platform sandals told me that when she bought them in the 70's they cost her two week's wages!
That just shows how precious clothes were then, fashion was expensive,but at least they were appreciated and loved.

There were some seriously stylish folks there...
This military kilt originally belonged to Ltd. Douglas 1914, and then was worn by this fine fellow's father of the Border Regiment in 1941.
(I feel so rude but I never got to ask his name as we were chatting about his outfit for so long!)
It was so interesting to hear about the history behind the uniform and it is befitting to see it worn with such pride.
Needless to say I spent as much as I made, but who cares!
We had a fab vintage a- fair!

Wednesday 22 October 2014

What A Surprise!

Last night I started to paint a colour mix tester chart and it turned into this!
(It would be nice to have some kind of control over my painting though!)

Sunday 19 October 2014

An Inspirational Day! (Part Two....and a Loo!)

Sorry I had to cut our visit to The Welbeck Estate and The Harley Gallery in two, but there were just too many photos to show you in one sitting!
Now then, where was I?
After visiting Louise at the wonderful Hope and Elvis studio, we ventured to The Harley Gallery.
It was chucking it down, but fortunately it was a very short walk and the Welbeck Estate is beautiful.
We were fortunate to see a beautiful and haunting exhibition by Claire Curneen, entitled 'To This I Put My Name'.
We all sketched away like good'uns.
It was so inspiring I had to get the old sketchbook out myself too!
After a fabulous dinner at the cafe we all had a good old look around the Open Studios.
There was so much to see that unfortunately we didn't get to visit all of them, but the artists and designers we met were really generous with their time and knowledge.
Phil Neal's sculpture studio was the stuff of dreams and amazed all of us.
It was Tardis - like when you stepped inside ( which is quite ironic as Phil has worked on film and TV, including Doctor Who!)
Stanley wanted a biscuit!
Thanks Phil for all your wonderful stories and for showing us your amazing work!
The poor students had actually got on the bus and I pulled them out because I perchanced upon the beautiful work of Hilary Bower.
It's beauty, simplicity and wabi sabi influences were just perfect for our next Unit.
Hilary was so kind and let us descend like a plague of locusts, asking questions and looking at her wonderful work.
As time was a ticking I felt very guilty as we were like a crazed mob trying to cram in as much information gathering as we could!
Thanks Hilary!
PS: Now you might be thinking ' was there a mention of a loo in the title?'
Well, yes, I couldn't blog about a trip to Hope and Elvis and not mention the famous loo!
It's like a little gallery in itself and I had to take yet another selfie in this most famous of powder rooms!

Even the loo is a work of art!
(Hope you don't mind me blogging about the facilities again Louise!)
So a big, big thank you to Dayle for all your help and for running such a fantastic event, Louise, Phil, Hilary, Maggie and all the artists and staff at The Harley Gallery and The Welbeck Estate for their generosity and inspiration.