Wednesday 31 May 2017

Creative Prompt For June:

At the mid-point of the year I thought this would be an interesting time to look back on some of the work you've produced.
It could be the creative pieces made in response to earlier Creative Prompts, work made from last year, or from even further back from then.
I've been experimenting with new media recently and really enjoyed using them to 'reinterpret' my favourite subject matter and recurring motifs.
Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday 30 May 2017

La Rosa: Part Two:

You might remember that I had so many photos of the beautiful La Rosa hotel when we visited Whitby, that I did promise you all a sequel!
We were asked if we'd like a tour around some of the rooms while we waited for our drinks...eep!
Each of the rooms are themed, and it was most befitting that we started with the 'Stoker' room!
Mini Goth looked most at home!
Then we visited the 'Little Red' room...
....complete with a wolf's skull!
The attention to detail in all of the rooms is astounding.
Next was the 'Saloon'...
Just look at that bath!
We passed this doll on the stairs, it's one of those where you flip it over and it becomes Red Riding Hood.
(At La Rosa, if someone has flipped it to the be- robed young lady, it has to be turned back to the wolf.)
I just love that!
Now for the 'Lewis' room...
(I think I spy a Mister Finch creation here!)
And finally, the 'Caravan' room, which was, I think, the most cosy room I have ever seen!
I cannot tell you how many 'oohs' and 'aahs' I must have said while looking around, I have totally fallen in love with this place.
And thank you to the kindly and very lovely staff indeed for such a lovely tour.

Friday 26 May 2017

A Few Tips For Beating Creative Fatigue...

It's been a busy few weeks here, and pretty soon the Art Foundation students will be having their Final Exhibition
It's a time of mixed emotions, pride and sadness all rolled into one, and even though I have been teaching for many years, (for exactly half of my life to be precise!) it never gets any easier.
A really important part of the Foundation course is not about techniques and practical skills, but about how to live as a 'creative' and how to understand how your own, unique creativity works.
And it's at times like these that I have to actually practice what I preach because I've been feeling a little bit 'tired', not burnt out or anything like that, just creatively fatigued.
And here are a few strategies that I use to help spark up the old creative juices again:
Try out a new medium.
I painted in gouache today, something I haven't used for a very long time.
( It's also even more exciting when you are cracking open a new box of goodies like I was today!)
Make a mess.
Just go for it, you can always clear up later!
Restrict yourself to a limited palette.
This really helps me, but you could restrict the amount of media used, or size of work, etc.
This can really help you focus, and as they say, 'necessity is the mother of invention'!
It's just child's play.
Remember, this is for fun!
Have no expectations and try not to judge the resulting artwork.
You are feeding your creativity, not creating a masterpiece!
After a full morning of playing, most of the results were put into the recycling pile and I only ended up with these two very small pieces of work that may eventually become 'something'.
But if they don't, it doesn't matter one bit!
I hope you have some time for whatever your creativity craves this weekend.

Monday 22 May 2017

A Day Out In Robin Hood's Bay...

In the Easter holidays we spent a lovely day at Robin Hood's Bay.
We sat out overlooking the sea, armed with sarnies and a flask of tea
( I've just realised that my sentences are rhyming!)
Some of you over in Instagram land may remember me fretting over the rapidly diminishing size of my very favourite pencil....well, out of the blue, Mini Goth remembered that she bought it from Robin Hood's Bay!
As you can see, I stocked up! Yay!
And started sketching straight away!
(I had a little friend with me too!)
Middie also enjoys a good read, she's very cultured indeed!
You don't often see a gargoyle peering at the sea...
or a sheep!
We them had a pootle around the beautiful village,
and I visited my favourite gnomes.
I also happened upon the most beautiful and inspiring shop,
Love those dungarees!
I was fortunate enough to meet the shop's owner, Laura, who knits these beautiful scarves, hats and throws.
They are incredibly soft and the colours are just glorious.
We chatted about how you should follow your dreams and I felt completely inspired.
You could feel the love and care that had gone into every inch of this wonderful place.
So, with a hand full of shiney new pencils and a head full of inspiration, we walked up the hill on our way back home.
Thanks Laura for the lovely chat, and thanks Robin Hood's Bay, you're good for the soul...

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Hats And Dreams. Jo Miller:

Jo is not only a truly inspirational designer, but a true inspiration herself.
She is proof that you can follow your dreams if you really want to.
(First two images taken from the 2021 Visual Arts Centre display).
Jo is one of Scunthorpe's finest and in 2011 she packed her bags for the bright lights of London.
And what a success story she has been!
'The Bones Of Me' is a fascinating exhibition of Jo's millinery designs, her use of unusual materials and techniques are incredible.
Quilted Hat.
Resin Turban.
Over Sized Beanie with Large Pom.
Battered Beanie.
Bag Bow.
Hat In A Bag.
I love looking in sketchbooks, so it was a real treat to see Jo's thought processes and her sample experiments were fascinating.
If you get the chance to visit I highly recommend this little gem of an exhibition.
Congratulations Jo Miller!