4/3/11: A Girly Day In York: Part Two:
A Confession:

Ian was running (or should I say ‘surfing’) a couple of hours late, so I suggested to Lottie that I should go and try on the pirate boots at Vivienne Westwood’s (a past time that I have indulged in on several previous occasions).
However, this visit was different.
I did the dirty deed.
My head went a bit woozy and I couldn’t give the nice assistant the boots back. 

I blame the dangerous and heady cocktail of:

1.       Time to kill.
2.       I’d just had tea at Betty’s so I still felt a bit posh (well, it was Earl Grey).
3.        It was raining outside.
4.        Pay day tomorrow.
5.        There were so many bargains at Aldi’s last week we saved a small fortune on our grocery bill, (although whatever that had to do with ‘owt is anyone’s guess but I think that it did contribute to my moment of fashion madness).
6.       A girl has to have a new pencil case and pair of shoes for the new term (doesn’t she).
7.       If I didn’t buy the new pencil case, then that’s a tenner towards them already.

1.       Apparently only two men in Italy make the pirate boots and they’re getting on a bit.
2.       If I wear them every day from now on the price per wear will be negligible.
3.       Therefore they are actually a bargain.
4.       They are things of wonderment and beauty.
5.       I could cavort around York all day with a gorgeous Viv carrier bag on my shoulder. (The ‘Pound Land’ carrier in the other hand, however, did counterbalance this ever so slightly).
6.       It was the assistant’s first day and this was his first ever sale, so I was doing him a favour really.
7.       Lottie asked that when her feet have grown could she have them please, (that means they must be good. And no, darling daughter of mine, you cannot have them. When you are eighteen you might be able to go out in them once but only if you wear plastic bags over the top.)
8.       Ultimately I will be buried in them, so that’s one less thing to worry about.
Here endeth the confession, do I have forgiveness for my probably, really not at all, PAP sins?
Remember, I love you very much indeed.

* PAP: perfectly acceptable purchase.

12/10/11: Look What The Wind's Blown In!

'Hurricane. What hurricane?'
Seriously, there was no styling invloved here, this is what my darling daughter actually looked like when she came home from school!
2/1/13: A Chillax Day: 

For Christmas Lottie got a onesie from both sets of grandparents.
So that's two onesies.
Isn't that an oxymoron?

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