Thursday 31 March 2016

The Big Day!

Last Saturday was the grand opening of 'The Time' exhibition at The Steel Rooms.
It was brilliant to see all the work hung and displayed so professionally, and it was great to have The Steel Rooms Collective all together again.
I was very cheeky and managed to persuade all the artists to pose with their work.
( Sorry chucks!)
Here's Pat, rocking the very artistic pose!
Her large abstracts ooze with colour and textures.
Julia's abstracts literally glowed with colour.
Here's Marianna with her highly detailed and beautiful work.
(This one looks like trouble!)
Here's Julie with her delicate landscapes.
And Martin, with his colourful seascapes.
Carole's abstracts were so bold and vibrant, and she also exhibited the finely detailed still life illustrations above.
This is Liz, her layered paintings were incredible.
Debs exhibited lively illustrations and beautifully textured wabi sabi- inspired paintings (clever lady!)
Emma produced a series of beautiful paintings in the most subtle, soft palette.
The exhibition is in memory of Bob, a Steel Rooms Collective member and well loved friend, who sadly died before the opening.
We miss you chuck, thanks for all your help and encouragement.

Monday 28 March 2016

Stitch by Stitch...

Here's one of the pieces that I made for the 'Time' exhibition at The Steel Rooms.
The eleven artists all interpreted the theme in different ways.
My take on the theme wasn't at all complex (just like me!)
For me, it simply meant that each piece took a long amount of time.
When you take a piece a work around with you for many months, adding a stitch here and a stitch here...
Folk asking you what you are doing...
Having conversations and reflecting on memories as you work...
You can't help but grow attached.
But I'm very happy that this chap will be going to live in a lovely new home with a lovely new owner.

Thursday 24 March 2016

Patchwork Hare...

I'm very excited about the opening of the group exhibition 'Time' at The Steel Rooms on Saturday.
Here's another piece that will be on display.
This painting has many, many layers and was built up slowly over time.
Thought he was most befitting for the Easter weekend ahead.
Have a good one chucks x

Tuesday 22 March 2016

It' s Time!

It's nearly time for our group exhibition to open!
It's taken a lot of hard work, planning and laughter to create this exhibition and I'm really looking forward to the grand opening!
The Steel Rooms is such a lovely gallery and everyone there is just brilliant.
On Sunday morning Julie, Emma, Pat and myself met up to lay out the work ready for hanging.
The work is so varied, even though we all were inspired by the theme of 'Time'.
What amazed me is that after a couple of hours playing 'art- jenga,' all the work seemed to gel together really well.
However, Pat and I had to leave the actual hanging up to Julie and Emma....they made it look so easy, but look at our effort!