Saturday 20 November 2021

Mrs B's Mixed Media Weekender At Hope & Elvis (Day One):

I was so pleased to come back to Hope & Elvis to teach my Mixed media Weekender Workshop.
It's a weekend full of exploring materials and process, about investigation and experimentation.

We all got stuck in and soon there was that happy hum of chat, creativity and cups of tea (thanks Ruth!)

It was so lovely to see lots of familiar faces and online friends...

As always, the time just flew by...

Thanks Mum for the cakes and pastries, it certainly helped to fuel the creativity!

It was amazing to see the images and layers appear...

I love the Hope & Elvis studio so much...

Here are some of the examples that I brought along to the workshop.

It made my day to see Louise Presley, here are both Louises working and chatting in the cosy corner...

This is how I love to see a studio, full of amazingly creative folk, tables laden with art materials and cakes and another day of workshop joy awaits...

Thank you so much Louise for inviting me back, huge thanks to Sam for all your hard work, thank you Magie for the delicious dinner and thanks Ruth for looking after us so well all day.

I'll tell you all about day two soon...X

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Museum Love...

A few weeks ago my daughter and I spent a lovely morning sketching at our local museum.
They were so helpful there and allowed us to draw some of their items that weren't on display.

There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable for me than to draw for the sake of drawing.

It really was bliss.

I was 'drawn' (sorry!) to this skull, I think it's an albatross?

To just get 'lost' in something that's really complex and use drawing to help you work out its structure feels so satisfying.

I think it is the closest thing to mindfulness/ meditation for me, it is completely absorbing yet my brain switches off at the same time - I hope that makes sense!

 Best wishes,

Mrs B X

Thursday 26 August 2021

New Challenges...

 I've set myself the challenge of learning how to edit films using iMovie.

I love watching artists' and creators' vlogs and I'd love to learn the basics if i can.

One of my biggest challenges, however, is talking to the camera, to put my actual, real face on there instead of hiding behind it, a place where I am most happy!

This is the beginning of a short film I made about the Characterful Creatures collection that will be in my shop next month.

I wanted to post this here because I have been fighting the urge all day to delete this film that I posted on Instagram.

Perhaps I'm holding myself accountable here and I wanted to document the fact that I'd actually done it!

(Now I'm going before I delete this too!)


Tuesday 27 July 2021

iPad Adventure...

I was very nervous indeed when I finally bought an iPad.

I'd been wanting one for ages but I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fathom out Procreate.

Now that I have a bit of time to have a play I thought that I'd post the video of my first attempt - she's not finished but I had so much fun!

I'd really like to post my progress with this, anyone else having a go with digital art?

Thursday 15 July 2021

A Passion Project...


During the first lockdown I set myself a personal project, as I really wanted to look inward and pause, I wanted to create imagery that had meaning, even if that imagery meant something else to someone else.

I created a zine (I'll show you that later on if you fancy a peek,) and from that I developed a deck of cards that could be used to focus upon when writing affirmations and intentions.

I'll discuss some of the cards in more depth during the summer (I've set myself the challenge to learn a bit about iMovie,) and hopefully I'll make some short films about them.

 I've learnt so much from this project, not just about techniques such as photoshop editing, but about myself.

I'll be launching the decks in October - November time, hope you like them!


Saturday 19 June 2021

Hope & Elvis Mixed Media Workshop Weekender (Part Two):

And then it was Sunday... the second day of Mrs B's Mixed Media Workshop Weekender at the magical Hope & Elvis.

Louise's beautiful artwork...

Some of my paintings for sale...

My demo desk...

Amazing sketchbook pages emerging...

Some of my wares for sale...

The amazing wall decoration is by Reggie (@windowwomanrp on instagram).

Some of my examples...

More of Louise's amazing work (I have one of these at home, it's stunning).

Thanks once again Mum and Jean from t'village for the gorgeous cakes.

Can we just take a moment to admire Louise's amazing outfit...

It wouldn't be a party without a Mrs B Nanna cake-topper!

God! I love this studio so ridiculously much!!!!

So lovely to see one of my jackets 'out in the wild'!

More sampling of me Mum's lovely cakes, you know, for health and safety reasons, or something like that!!!!


Such beautiful sketchbook work all around the studio...

Magie's amazing dinners - who knew that kale could be so delicious!!!!

Inspiration everywhere...

I really hope that I have everyone's work here, I apologise profusely if any is missing as there was such a lot of amazing artwork produced - I literally lost track!

(Please hum the 'Take Hart' theme tune as you scroll through these photos!)

 There was so much incredible work made during the weekend and I came home buzzing with inspiration!

Thank you all so much to those who came along, and thank you Louise, Ruth, Magie and Sam for inviting me round to play and for looking after me, I had the most wonderful time chucks and I cant wait to come back in November!