Sunday 28 September 2014

Off With Her Head!

Last week I started to decorate a journal.
I spent ages on her face, stitching and painting and stitching and painting some more...but in the end I just wasn't happy with it.
I remember reading a really interesting article by a designer- maker, who said that no matter how long something takes to make, if it's not right it has to go.
So I made her a new face and a velvet crown of gold.
Her skirt lifts up!
How improper!
But there is a hidden message in her undergarments...
'Tis both an act of treason
to look in a secret journal
and to peek at the Queen's petticoat'.

So be warned!
Here's the first page,
and the book mark.

Friday 26 September 2014

Scrips And Scraps....

Just a couple of bits and bobs I have been tinkering with for my Hope And Elvis workshop in November.
(I'm getting that giddy nervous exciting fluttery feeling!)
Here's a little mixed media piece called ' Button Girl'.
(It's one of the techniques we'll be playing with on the workshop.)

And here's another 'Girl On A Swing' slow stitched piece.
I'm really enjoying just playing and getting a bit messy with paints and gel right now.
Hope you get chance to have a pootle about with your scrips and scraps this weekend.

Monday 22 September 2014

Fancy A Day Out Chuck?

It's been a bit of a grey old Monday, fancy a day out in Mousehole?
One of my favourite spots to chill out in Cornwall.
Ooo breathe in that sea air!
That's better!
There is art everywhere...
I love the Cornish sense of humour!
With Lottie's cap it looks like some strange dinosaur creature is about to attack me!
(Please tell me that other people do things like this!)

A gen-u-ine Mousehole cat.
I must photograph this house every year, it just makes me smile.
(When I was a student in London we lived in a house called 'Derek' and this brings back many happy memories.)
Shall we go and have a cheeky cream tea now?

Friday 19 September 2014

I Don't Want To Be A Grown Up No More...

Today I was fed up of being sensible.
I had paper work to do and dust to dispose of.
But instead I decided to play.
It was great to just paint and stitch and make it up as I went along.
As you can tell, she's not finished and I'm still working out her feet on some scrap paper.
She might have a boat on her head.
Then again, she might not.
She seems a bit wistful...maybe she's fed up of being a grown up too!

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Bits And Bobs...

Yesterday my neighbour popped round and asked if I would like the bits of fabric she found in her Mum's blanket chest.
I nearly fainted with happiness!
It was so interesting to hear her talk about the dresses she had made from them, and for what occasion she wore them.
It reminded me just how precious and loved their clothes were before mass produced fashion hit our high streets.
I am going to try and make special things from these treasures so that they will stay loved and have new stories to tell.
And look at these beauties I found in the charity shop!
I am obsessed with tiny things.
Do you remember having blancmanges like this for your birthday parties?
This frying pan, complete with a full English is my favourite!
Can't wait to add them to my Nanna brooches!

Saturday 13 September 2014

A Bit Of (Cornish) Rootin' Tootin' Car Bootin'!

Cornwall is famed for its pasties, surf and stunning scenery...
Well, I think the car boots should also be included on this list!
Why didn't I buy you? Sob!
I was in heaven!
I really must buy a record player...
Look how cool the coffee van was!
And how big were the hot dogs!?!
But then we grew a little weary, and a certain chihuahua became a bit overheated in the midday sun!
Happy days indeed!

Wednesday 10 September 2014

In The Queen Of Sheba's Garden...

In the Queen Of Sheba's garden
The sky is always blue,
She spied three flowers growing there,
And then there were just two.