Friday 31 March 2017

Spring Is In The Air!

Just a few weeks to go until Mrs B's workshop weekend at the glorious
Having a deadline really boosts my creative flow, and I'm painting and printing and stitching bits and bobs for the big day(s).
These two pieces definitely have a Spring- time feel to them, printing birds does make me happy!
Wishing you all a fab weekend chucks.

Sunday 26 March 2017

The Girl Who Didn't Care...

There once was a girl who didn't care what others' thought.
And if she put her bodice on upside down, she wouldn't change it, someone had told her once that that would mean bad luck for the rest of the day.
And she didn't comb her hair because a friendly blackbird liked to nest in there, and who wouldn't want to hear beautiful singing all day long?

And her petticoats were often covered in dirt because she loved to grow flowers and dig in the earth.

And the girl who didn't care what others' thought lived a happy and joyful life.

Tuesday 21 March 2017

A Grand Day Out...

Last weekend we had a lovely day out in the beautiful market town of Louth.
My first port of call was H and J Arts and Crafts, a fab art shop, stuffed to the gills with goodies...
...let's just say I left a few shillings lighter!
Then we paid a visit to the wonderful Frockety Boo, the most glorious vintage dress shop ever!
Chihuahuas are also welcome!
Eep! Look at the shiney shoes!
An arty photo of mother and daughter Doc's!
Then we pootled next door to the very eclectic and totally wonderful Hailes Den, (I've also started to notice that Mini Goth is not so 'mini' any more....where has the time gone?!?!)
I love places like this...
Please can I have this kitchen?
A bit of a selfie and an unintentional 'cheeky' photo!
(Seems like the hubby has found himself a new lady friend!)
And after all that, we topped off the perfect day with fish and chips and a bag of sweets.
Happy days indeed!

Thursday 16 March 2017

The Tale Of Mrs Bracken...

Recently I have been playing with paper, trying out ideas for my work and future workshops perhaps.
I really enjoyed drawing and collaging her, I like experimenting with the contrast between the detailed drawn sections and the flatter, more graphic collaged areas.
Mrs Bracken, the kindly fox,baked the most delicious pies.
Every morning the birds would bring her berries and the ripest fruit from the forest.
Mrs Bracken gave them their breakfast and would scatter the crumbs from her tattered Pinny.
Every evening, the animals would feast on pastries, pies and other delights while the birds sang, and afterwards the squirrels would sweep away the ashes from the oven with their tails.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Moonlight Serenade...

I painted this during the half term, and as always I didn't have a clue what was going to appear!
The under layer was painted in really bright colours, and I had a whale of a time flinging the paint around!
As I started the darker top layer I remembered one of my favourite things when I was at Infant School.
Every 5th of November we would draw a Bonfore Night picture, and we would always cover the paper with bright wax crayons of every colour. Then we would cover that in a thick layer of black wax crayon, scratching out firework patterns using a pin.
I used to love doing that so much, and I'm sure those early art classes have influenced my work all those years later!
She seems a little wistful and it reminds me a bit of a 1940's film.
I think that she has just been to a dance and a handsome American soldier has just walked her home and kissed her under the starry sky...
Who says romance is dead!
And even though I don't know all of the story, I do believe there was a happy ending.

Saturday 4 March 2017

My Happy Place...

My tiny studio is probably the place I spend most of my time.
It's also the room that says the most about me, I have to have my 'stuff' surrounding me so that I can make and paint.
I love looking at artist's studios because of that reason, fancy a pootle around mine?
My shelf of sketchbooks are protected by a blue lamb (of course!)
My beloved Fisher Price brush holder...
and lucky pixie!
And I have to have my hippy crystals (celestite for creativity!)
I've had this for years, she's kind of like my muse I think.
My dolls' house is very useful for storing scrips and scraps!
And it is essential to have a plastic stag's head for lace storage!
More Fisher Price love!
And finally, my beloved and much dripped upon CD and cassette player, without which I would not be able to paint at all.
Thanks for popping by, fancy a cuppa?

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Creative Prompt for March:

Wishing you a very creative month of March, hope you enjoy this month's little 'Creative Prompt'.

All the best,
Mrs B x