Saturday 30 November 2013

Liberty and London!

In the October half term, hubby and I went Secret Squirrel Christmas shopping in London.
T'other half had never even heard of Liberty's, so I took it upon myself to convert him, as this is one of my favourite shops in the whole wide world.

Hmmm....not feeling the love yet...
Kneel and pay homage to the haberdashery hall of heaven.
Still needs convincing...
They even have their own little gnome!
Oh, the shiney things, the shiney things!

(Sorry, can't disclose the contents of the bag...'little eyes' don't you know!)
Well, how can you top that?
With a trip to Moomin land of course!
Those Hattifatteners get every where you know!
And here's my role model, Little My!
And on the way to the train station I saw this restaurant, (apologies for my childish sense of humour!)
Am really looking forward to seeing the Liberty's programme on Monday because they were filming when we were there.
So if you see a slightly crazed, quivering woman bedecked in a red duffle coat...that's me!

Friday 22 November 2013


Thank you little night light for looking after my little'un when she was poorly last night...

'Tide Marks' at the Gate Gallery:

One of my favourite artists, Alice Fox, has an exhibition at The Gate Gallery, Grimsby.

Beautiful mark-making on cloth and paper, made from rust and embossed prints from found objects.

Small areas of exquisite stitchery.

A very rare sighting of a lone black wolf- child in the gallery!
Tide Marks by Alice Fox
24/10/13 - 30/11/13
The Gate Gallery
12 Brighowgate

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Should She Stay Or Should She Go?

Normally only my daughter gets to see my paintings when they're in progress.
And believe me, she is my most truthful critic and advisor.
But I feel as if I know you well now, so what do you think chuck?
It's not finished yet, but should the little Queen playing hide and seek stay, or should it just be an abstract landscape?
I've painted myself into a corner so I'm off for a cup of tea!
Many thanks.
(PS: No offence but if your name happens to be Brian Sewell, then please don't comment! Ha!)

Sunday 17 November 2013

On The Banks Of The Humber...

As part of the BTEC Year One landscape unit, we planned to visit the Water's Edge Nature Reserve and the Ropewalk, Barton.
Above you can see Tas working hard in the lesson before our adventure, practising en plein air drawing techniques.
Two handed drawing?
You go girl!
And here we are, sun shining and sketch books at the ready...

Getting set up and ready for work...

The life of an intrepid artist can be challenging you know!
Mixing those beautiful neutral colours.
Good use of those complementaries Lizzy!

Loving the wellies and jacket combo Serena!

Alex, the artist and philosopher!

We were also extremely lucky to have Richard Hatfield speak to us about his work.

New River 3
Oil and Acrylic
We learnt a great deal about his artistic practice, painting techniques and his role in the Ropewalk.
Oil and Acrylic
Here are some examples of the en plein air landscape paintings produced on the day.
Well done chucks!
Many thanks to The Waters Edge nature reserve and to Richard at The Ropewalk.
Tim Needham
Richard Hatfield
The Ropewalk
October 26 - December 1 2013