Monday 13 May 2013

Lace And Scraps Of Happiness:

After my adventures at Hope and Elvis and my trawls around Hemswell, I had a lot of scrappettes and fripperies waiting patiently to be used.

This piece has taken a long time to make but I loved every minute.

I really enjoyed trapping the lace fragments in the stitching, it's a technique I'll definitely be trying again.

The only problem I have now is what to do with it, should I keep it as it is, like a textile picture, or incorporate it into something else?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!


  1. Wow that is beautiful- Many hours of work right there! Maybe you could starch it, make a wire hanger type thing and hang it from a nail? It seems such a shame to put it behind glass, because you lose the textural qualities of the lace and stitching... And to put it on something like a pillow, it might get too much wear and tear. I love it, your machine embroidery skills are insane!

  2. No idea what to do with it it but it's gorgeous! Useless comment I'm afraid!

  3. So pleased the lace has found a good home and made such a beautiful piece of work. Keep as is I say!

  4. Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and lovely comments.
    I have been blown away by you kind folks in Blog and face book land!

  5. That's absolutely gorgeous and I'd be tempted to make it into a special cushion, not to be used for anything else other than a thing of beauty to be admired from afar....xx

  6. Cheers Miss Kitty, you visiting Hope and Elvis again soon?
    I'm off to the Jessie Chorley v excited indeed! X

  7. beautiful work
    the hours were well worth it, I think

  8. Many thanks, I've been really inspired by all the lovely comments and support x

  9. Came by way of Pinterest...I love this. Wonderful textures and your pop of black. I can tell some is stitching but is the rabbit? if so amazing work on that.

    1. thanks so much Sylvia,
      yes, its all machine stitched, just with straight stitch, nothing fancy.
      Thank you for the lovely comment chuck x

  10. Hi I;m just seeing this, 8 years since you made it! wondering what you made it into? Its beautiful, your machine sewing is awesome!

  11. Fabulous. Absolutely.

    Karen, Minting, Lincolnshire


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