Wednesday 31 January 2018

Jo Waterhouse At Hope and Elvis (Part Two):

It soon came round to dinner time and we were treated to the most delicious three bean lasagne...

Jo discussed composition design with us before we cracked on with our work.

I really loved the tulips that were dotted around the studio, and so I took them as my inspiration.

It was amazing how different everyone's work was, and wonderful pictures began to emerge...

I hope I managed to photograph everyone's work because they were all so fab.
(Cue 'Take Hart Gallery' music.....)

I hope you enjoyed the art show!

I'd really like to thank Jo for such a wonderful workshop and Louise of Hope and Elvis for such a fabulous day of laughter, creativity and good friends.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Jo Waterhouse At Hope And Elvis... (Part One:)

Yesterday was a very happy day indeed.
Myself and my good friends went on a 'Collage and Composition' workshop taught by the very talented Jo Waterhouse.

Here are some examples of her amazing work...

I love this picture of Baba Yaga's house.

We started the workshop with a couple of fantastic warm up exercises.
First, we drew our face, while holding the paper ON our face!
It was really funny, and a very interesting way to draw...

It was great to meet up with so many lovely friends too...well, hello there Miss Betty Lettice!

This is my self-portrait...Hmmm...I think I was a little bit over enthusiastic!

Next, we had to directly cut a paper side profile of our next door neighbour.
Jo demonstrated and made it look so easy...
but it was pretty tricky to do!

Here's my attempt, (sorry Sam!)

We then started to prepare papers and experiment with mark-making, exploring marbling,
mono printing and lots of other exciting techniques...

My mate Debs, doing what only Debs can do!
Work it girlfriend!

And as more and more beautiful papers emerged, it was suddenly dinner time...

It was utterly delicious, thank you Magie!
(You are a Brussel's sprout magician!)

I have taken so many photos that I think we shall return after dinner with the next post...
Hope that's ok with you chuck.
See you soon.

Sunday 14 January 2018

Step Back In Time...

At the end of December we visited the beautiful Leigh-On-Sea.
The air was crisp and the winter low light was moody and clear.

The houses are so picturesque and it really feels like you are stepping back in time.

We also popped into the Leigh Museum And Heritage Centre.

I love museums, especially ones that about social history.
There is a recreation of a Nineteenth Century fisherman's cottage to have a look in.

Just look how gorgeous he is!


That bag would be perfect for my paints...

And to top off a lovely afternoon, we finished off with fish and chips by the sea...