Wednesday 30 October 2013

A Strange Week Indeed...

First of all, let me apologise for inflicting you with a photo of my mug.
I can't believe I have taken a selfy!
A week ago I found out that I have alopecia and I was mortified (especially since my name rhymes with it! )
'Hello, my name's Letitia and I have alopecia.'
However, I digress (how unlike me) and after the worst week of my life, just sat in front of a mirror literally crying as my hair fluttered to the floor, I am fine.
Really fine.
I have taken this as a positive thing, I haven't been looking after myself very well, not eating properly, not finding time to exercise and getting stressed.
And I found out that I have the best family and friends in the whole wide world.
When I went into work on Monday I had rehearsed over and over in my head how I would casually drop it into the conversation. But of course that went wrong and it just spewed out my mouth in a jumble of nonsense and tears.
But in less than a minute I had my head tipped upside down showing everyone me baldy bits and laughing my head (and hair) off.
There is one thing I've promised myself though, I'm not going to hide it.
If I wear a wig it will be pink, if I wear a turban it will put Carmen Miranda's to shame and if I just go bare headed then I will stick a plaster over my eyebrow and be tank girl.
I'm going to style it out and rock the look.
So every now and then, if you don't mind, I shall be having a new slot in my blog called 'Alopecia Chic'.
My mum has been a star and cut my hair in a bob last night and pretty soon I'm going for a crop.
Hopefully it'll be more Emma Watson and less Uncle Fester.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Hippetty Hop!

Just made another one of my hare brooches.
What I really love about scribbly patchwork is how the fabrics kind of melt into each other.
Most satisfying indeed!

Monday 21 October 2013

Twit! Twoo!

Never having stitched one our nocturnal friends before I didn't know how I'd get on, but I think I quite like the little moon in the background.
Perhaps he's a tad more quizzical than wise, but then again, who likes a know-it-all?

Sunday 20 October 2013

The Hope And Elvis Effect!

It really should be bottled and prescribed on the NHS you know, that Hope And Elvis happiness.
I'm still buzzing with ideas and the laughs are still ringing in my ears!
My lovely mate Sam took this photo of me at the beginning of the summer hols.
And even though Mr Sunshine has gone away, this is how I'm feeling on the inside!

Saturday 19 October 2013

O happy Hope And Elvis Day!

I've just returned from another brilliant workshop at Hope And Elvis.
Today we were treated to a day with Viv,the wonderfully talented designer- maker of Hens Teeth fame.
Firstly we swooned over her beautiful wares...
And then got down to work...
Sujata is working very hard (honestly, there's no time for tea and Tunnocks or anything! Ha!)
Go Nicola! Go! (Nicola had no time for gossip and giggles either!)
Look at Mandy's needle flying!
Jenny, action shot!
Leah, a picture of calm and tranquility...
Everyone's work look so gorgeous in their pastel, blankety goodness.
My partners in crime, Sam and Debs, made some lovely stitched pictures, Louise was so generous and let us use pieces from her treasured quilts. The fabric was so soft, I carried a little piece around with me for most of the day, it was my noo- noo!
Look at Sam's little textile landscape...sigh.
And here is Debs' beautiful collage.
And quelle surprise, a scribbly hare popped up on mine!
I found the biggest pair of scissors in the world, as modelled by Sam!
And I also found the most beautiful scrap of blanket ever!
Miss Debs made the most beautiful, delicate needle case.
Look at the table set for dinner!
And just look at the spread!
'Nuff said!
Viv's beautiful tangled basket of threads.
Ooo the shop! The shop!
I always visit the shop before I can start anything.
Whenever I go to a gallery or museum I always have to visit the shop first, is that naughty?
Am I shallow?
Louise, I hope you don't mind me photographing your loo but I think it's fab!
Look, look a genu- iiiiiiine Mr Finch!
Viv and Louise.
Thank you both for a glorious day, and for your generosity in both materials and skills...and laughs!
I so love the garden here.
I treated myself to a beautiful Hens Teeth pin cushion:
And Viv very kindly gave us all a card and key ring as a memento of our day with her.