Saturday 27 August 2016

Rootin' ' Tootin' Car Bootin'!

I love the car boots in Cornwall, there are some really quirky treasures.
However, I have to be very mindful about the car-booty-capacity of my little caravan.
So I photographed some highlights from my rather frequent visits this summer, alas, they didn't make it home with me, but at least I've got some piccies to torment me!
There are always such beautiful flowers for sale.
A life size astronaut.... What everyone needs in their life!
I saw some rather unusual books!

The sweetest coffee van.
Love, love, love the packaging!
I admit it, I put my hands up.
I couldn't resist a Mr Men badge.
In fact,
( Well, badges don't take up much room do they!?!)

Wednesday 24 August 2016

One Determined Lady...

While I was on holiday in Cornwall we visited the Minack Theatre, a breath taking open air theatre.
This magical place was literally carved out of the cliff side, all because of the vision and determination of Rownea Cade (1893-1983).
The atmosphere here is incredible, and the scenery is stunning.
We visited a morning performance, aimed at a younger audience, and it was fab!
Local story teller Mark Harandon told us all about the Cornish smugglers, and involved the children in the telling of the stories.
The gardens are beautiful and have a really tropical feel.
I felt a little star struck!
What I truly love about this place is that it reminds you that no matter how big your dreams are, if you really go for it, anything is possibe.

Saturday 20 August 2016

Lido Longings...

Isn't it funny how things just seep into your brain without you knowing...
I started this painting without knowing what it would be, (I always try to do this, otherwise it's too much pressure.)
It was quite the epic battle, late night scrawlings, a few choice mutterings and the whole thing nearly ended up being chucked out of the window a few times!
But when it comes to painting I can sometimes be a stubborn little madam.
And eventually she emerged.
I think it's about the beautifully restored Lido that I walked past in Penzance.
It's a real Art Deco beauty.
( Or, as one of my good friends commented it could be influenced by the Olympics, which hubby has been glued to and I have, surprisingly, really enjoyed myself.)
What really made me laugh was my auntie then commented on Face Book that she looked like she was in the 1920!
I think she's got a point there!

Tuesday 16 August 2016

That'll Come In Handy One Day...

I drew this when I was on my holiday, she just seemed to grow whenever I had a few minutes with my drawing pad.
Often these doodles stay in my sketchbook, just half finished ideas or little doodlings.
But this young lady had different ideas.
She had a gleam in her eye and demanded a little bit more attention.
So I added some stars.
She told me that she had to go to a masquerade ball, so I drew her a mask and painted her ball gown to her exact requirements.
And as she was the belle of the ball she had to be framed in something a little bit special.
Then when we came home I remembered that I had just the thing...
a frame I had bought from a charity shop about a year ago.
I think it's from the early 'fifties, but I thought that it was just the right shade of blue.
Madame Fancy Pants thinks so too!

Sunday 14 August 2016

As I Was Going To St. Ives...

Fancy a pootle around one of my favourite towns in the whole wide world?
Don't forget your sun hat!
We'll just pop in for a bit of brekkie!
There's art everywhere!
And giant plastic ice cream cones of course!
Where else would have a Barbara Hepworth sculpture in front of the Tourist Information Centre!
I love the back streets too...
Peeking inside a Cornish Inn...
(it's a bit early for me!)
Wishing I lived in one of those cottages...
Loads of lovely samples to try in here, well, it would be rude not to buy a bar (or three) after partaking!
It's getting a bit hot now!
Time for a bit of sketching...
Up the hill to catch the train!