Sunday 26 June 2016

Wire, Stitch and Giggles At Hope and Elvis...

I'd been looking forward to this day for a very long time.
My mate Sam and myself giddily set off to the promised land of Hope and Elvis, to spend the day with the ever so talented Julia Jowett and lots of kindred creative souls.
Today we were making a whimsical wire bird cage, here's Julia's example.
I had never worked with wire before but Julia was so generous with her advice and had many funny stories to tell us along the way!
Here's my unadorned bird cage...
Julia told us to
'Embrace the wonkiness!'
So I did!
The stitching took lots of concentration, and so at this point the photos of my progress are a tad scant (or should I say non- existent!)
Time for a mooch around Louise's studio methinks!
Is it that time already!
It was as delicious as it looked!
Here are some stunning pieces of Julia's work ...
And, sadly as always, the time simply flew by.
Everyone's little wirey cages looked beautiful...
I promise to show you mine when it's finished, but there is still quite a lot of stitching left to be done!
Thank you Louise and Julia for such a fabulous day, and to all the lovely ladies that make Hope and Elvis such a magical place.


  1. Julia sketches in wire! I've not seen her work before you mentioned her on Instagram. Hope & Elvis is a place I'd love to visit and do a workshop. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished bird cage too!

    1. It was a wonderful day, Julia is so talented and a wonderful teacher.
      You would love Hope and Elvis so much xxx

  2. Embrace the wonkiness! Fabulous motto! What a lovely day you had.

    1. I should have it printed on a t-shirt!
      It was a fab day thank you xxx


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