Tuesday 27 August 2013


I've recently been wanting to incorporate some more hand embroidery into my stitchings.
The Jessie Chorley workwork I went to a few months ago at the glorious Hope and Elvis really got me into blanket stitch...I just can't stop blanket stitching around everything!

But then as I was flicking through the 'Granny Chic' book I noticed the kantha stitching used by Dottie Angel and I thought that that would fit nicely into my little garden of stitch as it looks a bit like rain!
So I've made a little wall hanging from a vintage anti-macassar and lots of scrips and scraps.

I could never abandon my trusty sewing machine completely, as I love the scribbly quality of the machine stitched line, but it's so lovely to just sit with a bit of embroidery on your lap!

Monday 26 August 2013

Holiday Apps!

My two favourite apps this summer:
My faithful 'pen and paper':
People watching, Porthleven.
Lottie 'poker face' playing Top Trumps with her Dad in the caravan.

Barbara Hepworth. Tate Gallery.
And there's my shiny new app 'Polamatic':
Am obsessed with this app as it has my two fave things ever... Polaroids and masking tape!

Saturday 24 August 2013

Mrs B Give Away Time!

As a little 'thank you kindly everyone for all the lovely comments on my blog and Face Book page' Mrs B would like to do a little give away.
If you fancy dangling this 'Lonesome Horse' screen printed tote bag from your shoulder, please leave a comment on my blog or Mrs Bertimus Face Book page, (there's a link on the right hand side if you want to pop over to FB).
Mrs B will then number the blog and FB comments and randomly pick one out of the hat.
The give away closes on Friday 30 August.
Mrs B will then announce the winner on both the blog and FB page and if the lucky chuck then leaves a comment with their contact details on (which I won't publish) or private mesages me on FB, the prize will be theirs!
Good luck me chucks!

Friday 23 August 2013

Holiday Memories...

The Cornish light.
Happy, snoozy train journeys home after a day's adventures.
Jelbert's ice cream.
Buying those post cards with teddies on.

Adding to my collection of giant fake ice cream photographs.

Finding mysterious, chihuahua-shaped burrows in my quilt of a morning.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

St.Ives Dreamings....

My holiday seems so long ago and it's back to work tomorrow, so I thought I'd have a little trip down memory lane.
Taking the train from St.Erth to St.Ives is one of my favourite train journeys ever...
Oooo cup of tea anyone?
You'd only get this graffiti in Cornwall!

Beatengreen is a brilliant vintage shop and I love the furniture in there so much. Lord knows what I'd bring home if if it would all fit in the van!
Okay, okay folks, I'll hurry up!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the little shopping trip!
St. Ives
01736 796799

Friday 16 August 2013

Thank You So Much!

When I arrived home in the early hours, from one of possibly the best holidays I had ever had, it was pretty grim.
But a little surprise was-a-waiting for me that brightened my darkest hour.
You see, a couple of weeks ago I was the very fortunate recipient of The Faerie Factory's fabulous give away!

Not only was there one of Sarah's beautiful hand made fairies waiting for me, (I did feel sorry for her as her wings needed a good stretch after all that waiting around).
But there were so many other lovely treasures I didn't know which to look at first!

Thank you so much Sarah.
facebook.com/ thefaeriefactory
etsy.com/shop/ thefaeriefactory

Monday 12 August 2013

Piskie Ponderings:

We've had the most glorious month in our beloved Cornwall.
One evening, just as it turned dusk we headed out to Prussia and Piskie Cove.
I only ever go there in the evening, it's just that kind of place (plus piskie spotting opportunities are much more likely at that time of day).
And then it struck me, as I first warned my little lass not to jump in the cold water, and then laughed at her when she did...
that this is what my mother would have been saying to her daughter all those years ago.
So in a way the perfect summer makes time stand still.

Just to let you know there's a blogging competition over on http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/holiday-postcards/
Good luck!