Saturday 26 November 2016

Cloud Walking...

Playing with scrips and scraps of paper brings me so much happiness.
I keep a box of left overs and off cuts that have been printed on or painted, and I spend many a happy hour just shuffling them around until something emerges...
Happy weekend wishes everyone X

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Star Flower and Sunflower...

I just thought you might like to see a couple of collages I've made during these rather dull and dreary November days...
Perhaps I'm dreaming of Spring time!
Star Flower.
If the skies are a little grey outside,
I hope these two have cheered things up a bit!

Thursday 17 November 2016

A Vintage Extravaganza!

A few weeks ago I visited the Hospice Vintage Fair.
I look forward to this every year, as not only are there fabulous vintage stalls but the atmosphere is brilliant.
Temptation is everywhere!
And here's Hayley from Pigeon Vintage, rocking her vintage Mother Care maternity frock.
Looking fab girl!
And look at these beauties from 'Nana's Dressing Table' gorgeous re- purposed jewellery.
George Formby even made an appearance!
There were some fab vintage cars outside, looks like this cat likes it too!
What a grand day out!

Sunday 13 November 2016

Lonely Hares and Country Ladies...

Thank you for coming along to this preview of my little online exhibition.
Fancy a glass of bubbly and some pineapple on a stick?

I thought that you might like to have a look at the paintings and read the stories about them, before the paintings are available for sale on my Etsy shop on Wednesday morning.

I've painted these six pictures especially for this exhibition over the last couple of months.
I've never tried such a venture before but it's been really enjoyable.

And He Told Her All The Answers To Her Questions In his Song.
Acrylic paint and mixed media on plywood panel.

'There once was a girl who wanted to know all about the big, wide world.
 But she never travelled afar.
 So when it was twilight she asked the black bird.
 And he told her all the answers to her questions in his song.'

Backlit Hare.
Acrylic paint and mixed media on plywood panel.

'When the British summer time paints the fields an eye-scorching mustard yellow, the quieter hares who usually frequent the shadier edges, creep out into the joyous sea of colour.
Their shadows are darker and deeper in there.' 

Take Me To The Bright Lights.
Acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas.

'Take me to the bright lights.
 Somewhere far away.
 Where neon light casts its magic spell,
 turning day into night and night into day.'

The Queen Of The Blackbirds.
Acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas.

'Some folk mocked her because she didn't choose the plumes of the peacock or the pheasant.
She did not care, as there was one bird who was the wisest and most sage of all.
She was the Queen of the Blackbirds.'

The Queen Of The Harvest.
Acrylic paint and mixed media on plywood panel.

'Every Autumn the villagers would celebrate with a grand Harvest Festival.
There would be dancing, drinking and feasting.
At the beginning of the celebrations the same beautiful young maiden would be crowned The Queen Of The Harvest.
She had the sweetest singing voice, was the most graceful of dancers and relished every minute of the festivities.
But, as all the villagers knew, when the Festival ended, she would disappear until the following year.'

Pink Moon Hare.
Acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas.

'This is a magical country hare, whose ethereal rose-tinted coat can only be seen on the night of the pink moon.
The tiny ring of moonlight around his eye is the only sign of his mysterious powers.'

(I do hope that you've enjoyed this preview, I don't always share the stories that accompany my paintings, but we've known each other long enough now haven't we!)


Thursday 10 November 2016

Gothic Goings On!

Last Saturday we visited Whitby as it was the Goth Weekend.
It's one of her favourite days of the year, so on Friday night Mini Goth had preparations...
The weather was pretty unpredictable but we did have some bouts of sunshine.
I apologise in advance for the copious amounts of 'very proud mother' photos!
I was also pretty proud of the Steam Punk skirt I fashioned out of a rather nasty bridesmaid's dress I bought from a car boot for £2!
Lots of Gothic shopping opportunities!
Well, we are in Yorkshire!
I love the atmosphere and everyone loves posing for the camera!
Now you don't see that everyday!

It's truly amazing watching everyone in their costumes...
The antique jet jewellery in Hamond's is so beautiful.
By midday it was pretty busy!
So we braved the steps up to the Abbey ruins...
Time for dinner!
Sander's Yard is such a lovely place, here's hubby's pumpkin lasagne, (I couldn't resist a mouthful or two!)
Here's Mini Goth, in a world of her own...
And on our way out there was the Moaning Lisa to see us on our way...
Farewell Whitby, thanks for a brilliantly spooky day!