Saturday 18 April 2020

My Studio Windowsill...

This week, me and my hubby have finally painted the woodwork in our house.
When I reached my little studio, paint brush in hand, I suddenly stopped as I was painting the windowsill.
I just couldn't 'gloss over' the twenty years' worth of drips, scratches and blobs.

Without sounding too philosophical, I don't want a 'fresh start' when all of this is over.
I want to remember.
And I must not forget.
The unimaginable has happened, and the world has literally had to stop and think.
We've had to re-evaluate, reflect and recalibrate.
And when I watch the news there is tragedy and fear, but now the heroes are making the headlines, not the villains.
And for the first time in my life I actually realise just how much I have.
And just how bloody lucky I am.
And I must not forget.
And so I'm leaving a little patch unpainted on my windowsill, so that in years to come it will remind me about how Life was before.

PS: I can't really find the proper words and I know that this blog post is written in a very clumsy manner.
But today I just had to write this down (more for myself than anything else).

 I send you all my very best wishes chucks, stay safe X

Saturday 4 April 2020


Yesterday I had a wobbly moment.

I have managed to avoid thinking about things too much recently by keeping busy, but I guess it's only natural that this strategy can only work for so long.
What really helped me was to look around my home and think about all the things that I am grateful for.
I haven't got any expensive furniture or belongings, but everything here is connected to a person or a memory and so to me they are priceless.
It helped to walk around with my camera, looking at the things I walk past everyday with fresh eyes.

If you're feeling the same, perhaps doing this might help you too.

This sausage dog is one of my favourite car boot finds (50p!)

I never realised how many old toys lived in my house, I think I'm a tad sentimental!

I'm not sure what these yellow flowers are called, but I love them, and they were from the remains of a bouquet a friend sent to me.
The vase and little pinch pot were also made by my friends.

The light is made from cable ties and I bought it many moons ago from Habitat and I found the Tretchikoff picture in a charity shop for £5!
I remember that my poor Dad had to carry it around all day and he was so embarrassed! 

I think that books and plants make a happy home (well, they do for me!)

I loves my little orange record player I do!

I had collected LPs (especially ones from the '80's) from charity shops and car boots for many years before I even bought the record player!

These toys were given to me from a friend, they understand my taste in treasures!

(It's okay because I had a word with Miss Dolly, and said that I didn't mind if she came to life at night as long as she didn't stomp around or leave the milk out of the fridge!!!!!!!!!!)

Sending you all my very best wishes and love.