Friday 6 February 2015


What I really love about teaching is that it makes you try new things.
I am completely useless at 3D, my biggest success being a pot I made in the third year that had a little mouse sat on the top.
I think I knew that I had reached the pinnacle of my three dimensional career at that stage and so never really tried anything else of that ilk.
But one of the BTEC Units that I am teaching involves a small element of 3D and so I had to bite the bullet.
I have kept it very simple and just fooled around with some scraps of paper and a needle and thread.
They only took a few minutes to make ( which you can probably tell!) but I had great fun.
So over the half term holiday I am going to challenge my students to have a go!


  1. Wish I had thought of that. Well done.

    1. Thank you, Tis very easy indeed! X

    2. I kept thinking that your images reminded me of something. Don't know if Nathan Lerner is well known in the UK or not but here is his image that reminded me of your work. He did several studies of light and volume:

    3. Thanks for that link Kathleen, I had not seen his work before but I love it x

  2. Love this. Looks very 1950s modernist.

  3. .....amazing some of the 'a' level art students at our school have been threading up and down the stairs with something similar....I love 3d!
    d xxx

    1. That sounds like fun!
      It's always good to try something new every now and then x


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