Sunday, 3 April 2016

Getting Giddy...

Not long to go now until Mrs B's 'Paint, Print, Stitch' workshops at Hope and Elvis on April 23 &24!
I always get a bit of a spurt on as the time draws nearer, hope you like this new stitched mono-print.
Hope everyone will enjoy an arty crazy day.....with lashings of cake of course!
See you there chucks x


  1. Wow that one took a lot of work, with a great end result! How foxy!

    1. Thanks ever so Kathleen, I do love printing and stitching them x

  2. Giddy indeed! All rather exciting I think. Sadly not something I can make but one day I must do a workshop with you.

    1. That would be fab my friend, thank you xxx


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