Friday, 6 January 2017

The Strand...

Fancy going vintage shopping, just the antidote needed on a grey and rainy day.
Let's pop into The Strand in Newlyn, Cornwall (we can have some fish and chips on the harbour front afterwards!)
There is so much to see in this amazing shop that it takes ages to walk around.
There is inspiration in every nook and cranny.
Mother and daughter selfie opportunity!
What a fine looking young man!
The only problem with taking photos is that afterwards you spy something that you really should have that lovely lady on the right hand side.
It's so strange how I often don't actually see everything when I'm looking through the lens.
I really love the way that many of the items are displayed in a humourous way......
..... or this is a very scary CCTV system in operation!
Oo I enjoyed that!
Now then, do you want vinegar on your chips?


  1. That's my kind of day. So many china heads. Followed by fish and chips. What could be better? With your girl too, lovely.

    1. It really was a fab day, thanks for popping by x

  2. Lol! No thanks. I'm not really a vinegar fan.

    But what a Fab emporium. It strikes me that the only thing you can't get in there is a custard cream or a pint of milk.

    1. Don't worry though, theres a Co-op across the road so everything's covered! Tee! Hee! x

  3. Yes please, salt & vinegar. Love the horse at the end x

  4. Your comment about not seeing what you photograph sounds like me - I tend to think 'Instagram!' when I see something amazing, and then I only see it through the camera, not in real life. I'm trying to slow down and just take in my surroundings first, then worry about photos, or not.

    That statue of Jesus in the second photo - I thought he was holding knitting needles! Wouldn't that be a fun way to display him/it?

    1. That would look fab!
      He was another missed purchase, at least my 'camera vision' saves me money! x


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