Sunday, 11 June 2017

It's That Time Of Year Again..,

This is a painting I made for a warm up exercise for the 'Textural Landscape' workshop at Hope and Elvis a couple of months ago.
One of the best things about teaching is actually making examples, it makes you so much more aware of how you create, and most times you learn new things along the way too!
(And, as usual, Cornwall managed to creep in!)
I had a great time with this, printing, scraping and sloshing the paint on!
The one thing that I can never get used to with teaching though, even after 23 years, is saying goodbye.
It's the best feeling in the world to see what the college students have achieved, getting University places, creating stunning work and being ready to go out into the big wide, world....
but it never gets any less heart- breaking.


  1. As a retired Head of English I completely "get" this, Mrs B. I just loved teaching A level and being a pastoral tutor, at one point Assistant Head of 6th form - it's such a pleasure and privilege to work with young people and help them find their wings, but every year there's the sadness of goodbyes - and so few students ever popped back in to tell us how they were doing - well why should they? But those that did were so precious ��
    (Btw - next time you're Falmouth way give a shout and I'll make a brew ☕️)

    1. So very true,, it's a really bitter-sweet time of year.
      Thank you Sue for your kindly offer of a cuppa! X

  2. My amazing cool primary school teacher came into the shoe shop I worked in as a Saturday girl when I was a teenager. I was able to tell her i was doing an art foundation course at college. We were always doing art and singing with her. I suppose we did everything else, but those were the best times x

    1. I had a really great primary school teacher too and he used to bring in his guitar for sing a longs....happy days indeed! X


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