Friday 4 August 2017

The Secret Garden...

I love messing about with concertina sketchbooks.
Here's one I painted a few weeks ago, would you like a peek?
It's pretty long, so I had to photograph it in sections...
It really helped me to 'loosen up' and try out some mixed media techniques.
I think it has a 'secret garden' quality to it.
He does look a bit lost doesn't he!
The paper in Moleskine sketchbooks are such good quality, so it can handle quite a lot of layering.
I'm pretty heavy handed when I'm painting.
I think the colours are a bit tropical, I think I was looking forward to the summer hols!
And she's just a bit bonkers really!
Hope you enjoyed having a little flick through my book!


  1. Just love it. Mayb this is what I need to get back paining.

    1. If this post has given you the urge to get the paint brushes out then that has made my day! Hope you have lots of fun x

  2. I did enjoy a browse through your lovely book. My favourite bits are the colours and looking along each section

    1. Thank you so much Lynn, thank you for your lovely comment x

  3. Love love love!!!! The colours are just fabulous!

  4. Love everything about it, missus. The colours, the shapes, the characters... Was nice to see it all. x

    1. My pleasure me dear, thank you for your kindly comments x

  5. I really enjoyed flicking through your delightful book. I flicked through several times ! I just love it x


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