Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Summer Time Sketching...

One of my favourite times out of the whole of my holiday in Cornwall was actually a pretty wet and miserable afternoon.
When the weather lets you down it gives you the perfect excuse to go to a cafe, get out your sketchbook and people- watch.
And that's just what me and my lass did.
They do a mean chai latte at The Exchange Gallery in Penzance, (the art is rather impressive too!)
The weather was so bad I managed to drink two massive mug fulls!
Would you like to see some of the other sketches I scribbled during the summer?
After I have sketched something,whenever I look back in my sketchbook, it takes me straight back there.
Perhaps sketching and observing makes you switch off your brain, I suppose it's a visual form of mindfulness in a way.
It is one of the things that makes me completely happy and relaxed.
We also visited the beautiful museum and sculpture garden of Barbara Hepworth in St.Ives, we managed to find a lovely sunny corner in the summer house to sketch...
(My lass didn't know that I was sketching her!)


  1. I do like your book of sketches, your people observations.

    1. Thank you so much, sketching really does make me happy xxx

  2. Good to see your sketches - love the Pantone mugs!

    1. Thank you me dear, everything in that Cafe is really lovely, especially the cake!!!! X

  3. Replies
    1. Awww thank you my friend, we had such a lovely day x

  4. Have you heard of the Sketchbook project or library in Brooklyn, NYC? I was going to blog on it - a library full of sketchbooks! You can have yours added to it, as well...

    1. I've had a look, it's amazing! Thanks for letting me know, I'd love to visit there! X


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