Thursday, 16 November 2017

Season's Tide Exhibition...

Potter's Pink Hare
Acrylic and mixed Media
25 x 50 cm

Mrs B's 'Seasons' Tide' online exhibition will soon take place!
I'll be opening the doors of my little gallery, (well, it's my Etsy shop really,) 
but we could imagine the tinkly music, glasses of bubbly and custard creams couldn't we chuck!

Pink Moon Hare II
Acrylic and mixed Media
25 x 25 cm

I just thought I'd post photos of the hare paintings that I've painted for the exhibition, as I don't think I've posted any of the finished pieces.

A Small Painting Of Reassurance
Acrylic and Mixed Media
25 x 25 cm

I've really enjoyed painting this small collection of six paintings for the exhibition over the past few months.

The Listings on my Etsy shop will be online Saturday 18/11/17 10.00 am



  1. So many blogs in your side bar - all dead now. What a shame people stopped blogging :(

    1. Yes, I know what you mean, some of these are my friends blogs though so I can't delete them as I'm a sentimental old soul! X

  2. They're beautiful. I will toast you with my glass of something gently fizzy.


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