Saturday 6 January 2018

Let's Hit The Shops! (Part Two):

I had such a fantastic day out in Sheffield that I've had to split the post in two, and now that we've had a cup of tea and slice of cake, it's time to have another mooch...

Collard Manson is one of my favourite shops, slightly mysterious, full of beautifully curated treasures, and perhaps just a little bit spooky.

That chandelier is sooooo beautiful!

So much temptation!

There's some great street art too...

I think this one's my favourite.

It was such a glorious day that I managed to squeeze in a quick sketching session of the beautiful Cenotaph War Memorial in the square.

Hope you enjoyed our day out chuck.


  1. I was so taken with Collard Manson that I just popped over to have a peruse of their website. A very unique style I would say, and I was a bit smitten by some of their dresses ( but with those looser styles I have to be soooo careful! Erring towards being dumpling shaped - shorter and a bit rounder than I should be - some of those loose styles which look so lovely on thin, willowy women can make me look a bit old and frumpy) and rather liking their own design bags. An interesting shop.

    I sailed past Sheffield on the M1 twice this week on my way to Leeds for the day job but with no time to stop, I never have - how very remiss of me!

    1. I’m always tempted by their clothes. Bet you’d look fab in one of those frocks xxx

  2. I have enjoyed your day out and intend visiting Sheffield ourselves this year so thank you for a super preview.
    Happy new year lovely girl
    LYNN xxx

    1. Thank you, and a very happy new year to you me dear!
      Hope you enjoy your trip to Sheffield xxx

    2. You must visit the Millennium gallery Lynn too! xx

    3. I don’t get to visit as often as I’d like but it certainly is a lovely Gallery x

  3. Next time you go to Sheffield can I come along? You find the most interesting places and things to look at!


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