Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Hey! Ho! Saltburn!

Last week we were holidaying near Whitby and we had such a fab time.
I love Saltburn so much, it has a real arty-surfy vibe, and has some wonderful independent shops.

The Hey Ho Print Co Store is such a beautiful and friendly shop, with so many gorgeous temptations inside...

There is a wide selection of independent designers and makers' work and the most wonderful prints.

How lovely are these old school rubbers!

Nearby is the Hey ho Print Co Studio which runs  open access printing facilities and workshops.
(I'm hoping to attend one of these in the future, the workshops look great!)

I'd highly recommend a visit if you're in Saltburn, the website also has lots of goodies for sale too.

PS: I bought some Lyra Ferby pencils from the Hey Ho Store, I haven't tried out the colours yet but the graphite pencil is fab! This is a little sketch I did of a fishermen statue by Joan Pyman.

PPS: Saltburn is also the home of the scariest looking gnome I've ever seen!
(Prepare to cover your eyes!)


  1. Hey Ho, I think I would need a few pennies in my purse if I visited that store, it’s lovely
    Lynn x

    1. Yes Lynn, let's just say I didn't leave empty handed!!!! x


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