Monday 21 January 2019


During the Christmas holidays we visited the quaint and characterful Leigh-On-Sea.
I love it there, it's like stepping back in time...

The houses are beautiful and there were some stunning decorations...

although my favourite was this rather alternative Christmas scene depicting a wild Barbie party!!!

Don't you just love a good old fashioned cafe...

And I can't resist photographing the signs outside the fish shops.

The obligatory plastic ice-cream shot...

(and the obligatory fish and chip dinner by the sea!)

Hope you enjoyed our little tour, you can't beat the sea air for blowing away the cobwebs!


  1. Ha love that Barbie shot - lots of fond memories lol

    1. Thank you Leanne, I'd love to meet whoever lives there, I bet they're a right laugh x

  2. Lovely buildings. Do love the Barbie party especially 'the hold my hair' scene...either that or things go way out of hand, a fight broke out over Action Man in his undies and that's a bogwashing going on!x


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