Sunday 12 May 2019

Hip! Hip! Hooray! It's A Hope & Elvis Day! (Saturday May 4th):

Last Saturday I was at the very wonderful Hope & Elvis teaching a weekend machine embroidery workshop.
I was a tad nervous as I had never taught a machine embroidery workshop before, or a two day workshop for that matter!
I am always made so welcome and everyone was so fab that the nerves soon disappeared.

Everyone soon started snipping, and creatures began to emerge...

There was a template kit if you fancied stitching a hare design.

It takes time and lots of concentration when choosing and placing your fabric pieces...lots of tea and cake helped to fuel the process!
We were looked after so well by Louise and Ruth, Sam was on hand and was brilliant as always, and Debs took photos for my website, (I can't wait to share those).

Photographing each other!

And in the blink of an eye, it was dinner time!
Magie is a wizard with food, everything is always so delicious!

We were also teated to a visit from Wendy Ticking Stripes, who brought her beautiful vintage textiles for sale .... (I may have made a purchase or two!)

It was also so fabulous to see Louise in her beautiful atelier, the room was buzzing and full of creative, hilarious and talented women.

Of course there were ch-oons!

You could feel the concentration during the afternoon session, everyone worked so hard!

Time for a cake top-up methinks!

Louise thinks so too!

Where did the time go?!?!
Can't wait to tell you about the second day!


  1. Oh my, Mrs B, I bet they all had a mighty jolly weekend making hares with your pattern !!! I think you (and they) did pretty well !
    Of course : LOTS of tea and cake is essential for doing a good machine embroidery workshop ! (in fact any other workshop :-D ...!)

    1. It really was such a lovely weekend, full of laughs and shenanigans! x


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