Sunday 16 June 2019

Fibre Exhibition at The Heart Gallery:

A little while ago I visited the beautiful Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge, as I really wanted to visit the 'Fibre' exhibition because so many of my textile heroes were exhibiting there.

Just look at these wonderful characters made by the Cat In The Shoe, I love their little boots and serene expressions.

The dreamy moons have been my favourite for such a long time, it was lovely to see them in the flesh.

Marna Lunt's stunning stitched portrait paintings were so luscious and rich.
I am a real fan-girl of Marna's work, she uses the needle just like a paint brush.

Heather Everitt's and Corinne Young's embroidery were so delicate and life-like.
These three-dimensional embroideries amazed me, I couldn't believe how intricate and detailed they were.

Lucy Pendrick's needle-felted creatures were so full of life and character, and her stories about them were captivating.
The magical dancing hedgehog really stole my heart...

If you get the chance to visit this exhibition I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I have only mentioned a few of the artists as there is such a lot of beautiful textile art featured in the show.
There is also so much to see in the Heart Gallery, it is like a treasure-filled sanctuary where everything is beautifully curated and displayed.

Fibre Exhibition.
The Heart Gallery.


  1. what an interesting exhibition, too far for me to get to but lovely to see some of it through your blog, thanks - I love the needle felting, especially the bees.

    1. Thank you chuck, it means a lot to hear that you've enjoyed the photos, its a truly inspiring and beautiful exhibition x

  2. Wow, what startling variety! My friend Eileen O'Brien lives in Hebden Bridge & she represents it very temptingly on Facebook. Just up the other end of my North Herts bit of the A1 so maybe one day I might just point the compass north...

    1. It is such a lovely town, full of character and friendly folk.
      I bet you would love it there!

  3. What a lovely write up Mrs B.
    Heart Gallery is such a fabulous place and I’m a big fan of Corinne's work, I have two of her Aricula plants and brooches. Isn’t Marna’s work terrific as well. Think we are overdue another visit. Thank you for the prompt lovey xxx

    1. My pleasure chuck, hope you get to visit this wonderful exhibition x


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