Saturday 30 November 2019

The Very First Hope & Elvis Exhibition...

Last weekend was the very brilliant Welbeck Winter Weekend (more about that later chucks,) and part of the festivities involved the studios on the Welbeck Estate being open to the public.
And so, for the very first time, Louise curated an exhibition that celebrated the wonderful work that is produced in the workshops that are held at Hope & Elvis.

It was so brilliant to see the vast array of beautiful work, because often they are whisked away at the end of a workshop, or they may need finishing at home afterwards.
It really was a celebration of the creativity and talent that is in abundance in this very magical studio.

The variety and skill on display was simply unbelievable...

It was so lovely to see some pieces from the very talented artists that came to my October collage workshops too...

And here's Poppy standing next to her beautiful piece that she made on my collage workshop in October...
(my heart is bursting with pride!!!!!!)

Strike a pose Louise!

The range of workshops is incredible for 2020...

I love this wall of photos, so many memories...

I think the photo of me with a plastic toy parachute on my head, whilst twirling around in one of Louise Presley's vintage net petticoats, is my favourite photo of all time!

Louise Presley's studio was so beautiful and there was a 'take a bit of material love' box...

Even my favourite ever gnome, who resides outside the studio, was in the festive spirit!

I also just have to show you the work of two of my favourite artists,
firstly, the very wonderful Helen Hallows.
I love her colour palette and her use of mixed media.

Dayle Green's ceramics make me swoon, 
I think it's because of the way she paints directly onto the surface of the clay
 and the textures are stunning.


  1. Awh thanks for such a good blog post, I feel like I’ve been there myself now. Maybe I should move to Welbeck then I can spend my days with all you fabulous makers xxx

    1. I think that would be a fab plan chuck!
      I think we would spend a LOT of money if we went out shopping together though!!!!! x

  2. It is wonderful to see all the creative work and proud artists! 😊


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