Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Jane McKeating Workshop...

Last Saturday I attended a workshop by the brilliant textile artist Jane McKeating at the 2021 Visual Arts Centre.
I was so looking forward to it because some of Jane's work is exhibited in the 62 Group's Cntrl Shift Exhibition (that I blogged about a little while ago) and it also gave me the chance to meet up with two of my good friends.

Jane brought a huge selection of examples of her beautiful work which was based on family memories and has been printed and embroidered on old handkerchiefs.

My friend seemed to be wearing the same jumper!

We spent the morning screen printing onto vintage charity-shopped finds.
Jane was so generous with her materials and knowledge and her daughter helped us all so much.

In the afternoon we could add stitch to embellish our designs (I didn't get to sew very much because I was obsessed with the printing!)

Look at my friend's funky dog!

By the end of the workshop we had all produced completely different work, it had been a fantastic day and I really want to do some more screen printing!

I couldn't resist photographing the remnants left on my friend's table!

Thanks so much for such a brilliant day, I loved every minute!

I'll put my piece of work on a separate post because there are already a lot of photos on here!
See you soon!


  1. That was a really fun day !!!
    Stitching always takes soooo much more time (than printing)

    1. I really enjoyed myself Els, it really is good for the soul! x

  2. It looks and sounds like you had a throughly good day Mrs B. Lots of inspirational work there.
    I’m off to Brighouse at the weekend Anne Brooke’s is hosting a weekend workshop by Emily Notman.
    There’s nothing better than being with like minded folk is there
    Lynn xxx

    1. ooooo I love Emily's work! I bet you had a fabulous time x


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